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Cooked Goose Catering Company Shares Wedding Catering Ideas for 2021

2021-09-20 11:54:59 Lifestyle


Oakdale, PA – The day of your wedding is one of the most important and memorable events you’ll ever experience. It’s a life event where two people celebrate the life-long bond with the person they love the most. Recently, The Cooked Goose Catering Company shared different wonderful and practical wedding catering ideas for people trying to tie the knot this year.

Nuptials that reflect the groom and the bride’s individual taste and unique personality make for some of the most unforgettable celebrations. The personalization often stops at decorations and themes. However, there’s no reason why the food station should not reflect similar characteristics.

The wedding spread does provide a broad spectrum of options, but one might like to give something a bit more imaginative or even entertaining for their guests. The Cooked Goose Catering Company shares a few creative ideas that will resonate with couples and let them make their wedding food counters unforgettable.

Personalization is an excellent way of adding a unique touch to anything and making everything far more interesting and relatable. The Goose had a couple who was enthusiastic about having a dish they referred to as Sunday Move Night. It was a nod to a tradition that they followed throughout their relationship and planned to keep up with after their wedding. The Goose Catering Company designed a one-of-a-kind dessert made to look like a movie reel with the help of liquid nitrogen.

The Cooked Goose Catering Company also recommends letting the guests get creative with their food through a build your own buffet menu. Oppose to what most people would believe; guests do not mind getting their hands a little dirtier to put on the chef caps and have some fun with their food. Letting them personalize their dishes adds to the entire culinary experience and makes it more memorable.

Furthermore, there is also something thrilling about seeing a food pop-up from a person’s favorite restaurant at a wedding. This is also a concept that always manages to win the Goose’s guests over. They have also had pop-ups where they tied up with an Italian restaurant to give the couple a carefully curated menu.

According to a spokesperson from The Cooked Goose Catering Company, “The food served at your wedding is one of the major aspects to your special day, offering your visitors something to savor together. At the Goose, we bring you a collection of tasty traditional and popular unique wedding catering ideas—from pie and mash to pizzas and fish and chips—all with a gourmet edge.”

He also added, “We have served scores of wedding parties who are searching for a wedding catering idea which satisfies and excites their guests, adding a certain special edge to wedding proceedings. All the dishes we provide are made with attention and care, from the finest and freshest ingredients.”

The Cooked Goose Catering Company takes pride in their experienced and skilled catering team who knows the significance of food for a wedding and will make the best presentation down to the last detail, including the most superior service level from their sales down to the on-site wait staff. The company is always with their customers to walk them through each step of the planning stage to ensure their wedding is a big success.

The Goose is dedicated to offering only locally sourced, high-quality selections to please everyone’s palate.

About the Cooked Goose Catering Company

The Cooked Goose Catering Company is a catering company established for more than thirty-five years, offering a superior catering experience customized to every client’s unique needs. They take pride in their simple, high-quality, down-to-earth, homemade catering for each menu item they offer. From small family and friendly gatherings to big corporate, formal, and holiday events, the company can offer pure satisfaction that puts their customer at ease.

For more information about The Cooked Goose Catering Company and the services they offer, call them today at 412-258-5944 or Visit their official website at to book a consultation today.

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