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Innovative Product Cuts Energy Costs; Reduces Carbon Footprint Emissions

2021-09-17 11:37:09 Art & Entertainment


Dallas – For those seeking ways to save money on home ownership and business operations while pursuing environmentally sound practices, one Dallas-based company has found the solution.

Dallas-based Peak Energy Solutions has harnessed existing technology and created a product that offers significant savings on electricity and protects the environment through an easy-to-install and affordable product.

As a result, the Peak Energy Saver was recently featured on Designing Spaces, a national lifestyle show that airs on numerous regional and national television networks.

“Our mission is to save our customers money while lowering carbon footprint emissions,” said William Weidman, President of Peak Energy Solutions. “We basically took existing technology and adapted it for use in homes and businesses.”

The results have been significant in that users are experiencing 15-20 percent savings, allowing customers to pay off the installation and purchase price within a few months.

“Virtually all of our customers say it’s really a ‘no-brainer’ to use our product,” added Carol Weidman, Vice President. “Home owners see immediate results and business owners are reducing one of their largest expenses.

“Our research indicates that each installation is the equivalent of planting 15 trees. And while it may sound counter intuitive, the more energy you use the faster the payback.”

In layman's terms, this energy-saving machine basically captures and re-cycles energy. It is installed directly into the facility’s circuit breaker and goes to work immediately. Prices for homes start at around $450.

The UL listed and certified unit works with all motors and transformers in the home or small business that include air conditioners, ceiling fans, computers, televisions, washing machines, and light bulbs.

It is the ideal solution for those seeking ways to reduce carbon footprint and save money on electric bills. It costs a fraction of other strategies such as solar panels and windows.

“The Peak Energy Saver is the ideal product for Designing Spaces,” said Lauren Berger, Producer. “As we comb the nation of products that will help our viewers, this product emerged as a clear choice to feature. We’re thrilled to have them as guests and the response has been outstanding.”

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