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Monster Education’s Amazing Teachers Bring Personalized Learning to Young Students Online with Flexible Summer Camps

2021-09-17 01:34:58 Education


Monster Education’s online summer camps focus on small groups of 4-6 students at a time
The camps are flexible and focus on adapting to your schedule, ensuring hassle-free participation
The PhD-curated curriculum and personalized learning set students up for the highest level of academic success

Los Angeles, May 14, 2021 - Monster Education, a dynamic EdTech company improving online learning for elementary students, sets itself apart with small classes and a personalized approach. Developed by a leading team of PhDs, its advanced curriculum meets students where they are and develops their understanding in small classes taught by experts. Their online summer courses are flexible, time effective, and allow students to learn without burdening the schedules of their families.

The pandemic has highlighted the variability of online learning, and with many parents now working from home, it is incredibly beneficial to provide children with a productive, empowering activity during the day. Monster Education does just that, enriching children’s minds and ensuring the curriculum integrates seamlessly with their lives.

“It’s the teacher that makes a whole world of difference to a student....not the textbook, worksheet, or the instructional video,” said founder Dr. Agnia Grigas. “Having studied with extraordinary professors and lectured at leading universities, I put a lot of stock in teachers who I personally handpick for Monster Education, looking for inspired and inspiring individuals. Fortunately, technology eliminates the distance between the teacher and the students.”

Monster Education also excels in how it groups students with their peer learners. Small groups, formed around common levels of understanding, don’t exceed 6 students. This ensures each child gets personalized and engaging learning from an extremely attentive teacher, setting them up for success in all their academic pursuits. The camp also familiarizes newcomer students with online learning, a skill sure to prove useful as education increasingly incorporates distance learning.

“What sets Monster Education apart is its professional curation and vetting of high quality teachers, '' said busy entrepreneur and mom of three, Anna F., in Santa Monica, California. “That’s a game-changer. I can trust that my kids will learn from outstanding teachers providing an effective and engaging curriculum - with the added bonus that it’s so convenient and makes my life easier, too!?”

Specializing in online classes for K-5 grades, Monster Education prides itself on its curriculum and unique course offerings. From classes that develop students’ mathematical skills such as the highly respected Singapore Math curriculum, to grammar and writing courses, second language learning, public speaking, and history, Monster Education’s selection, flexibility, and high calibre curriculum differentiates the company from many online programs.

Many online programs group too many students of varying skill levels together and employ instructors that do not have the education or credentials for K-5 students. This is precisely why Monster Education takes the extra time to select accredited teachers that understand how elementary students learn and makes sure they are paired with students of similar aptitude.

With decades of experience in academia and the teaching industry, the Monster Education team is delivering the future of learning to children all across the country. Learn more by visiting their site at

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