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Real Estate Coach Launches New Website

2021-06-18 08:03:50 Business


Fort Lauderdale – Laura Alamery, one of the nation’s leading real estate coaches, has launched a new website – – as a way to define who she is and how life experiences have impacted her 30-year mission in guiding clients to new careers.

“This website was actually created to give our students a clear picture of who I am and our approach to teaching them how to devise a clear plan for success that leads to financial independence,” said Alamery. “As they’ll see, the images of light houses is a theme of the site in that they – like us – are beacons that are sources of security, safety, and a guide through rough waters and difficult times.”

Alamery has partnered with her daughter – Liz Klingseisen – to form what is now the most powerful coaching and mentoring curriculum in North America.

“The benefit of our programs is that it offers students a multi-generational perspective,” added Alamery. “Liz’s experience appeals to Millenials, their challenges, methods of learning, and how this career can fit their lifestyles.

“My background is geared toward an older clientele and their specific needs. Our enrollment is growing as more and more people are attempting to leave Corporate America to pursue a more self-directed career path. The common theme among our students is that they want independence, flexibility, and control.”

For more than 30 years Alamery has built her own real estate portfolio, but more important has guided her students through recessions, layoffs, divorces, and the challenges of starting new careers. She has done this with a no-nonsense approach stressing that hard work, focus, and commitment can result in success and financial security.

“By working with hundreds of students, our team has proven it’s possible to create wealth through real estate investing while positively impacting the lives of others,” she said. “Our goal is to empower students to build an understanding of real estate investing and give them the power to make dreams come true with the right guidance and tools.”

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