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Rocky’s Cigars Celebrates 36 Years in Business

2021-06-19 02:27:41 Business


Syracuse, NY: A lot has changed for Rocky’s Cigars over the past several decades. And then again, maybe not so much has changed.

A provider of premium cigars for sale, Rocky’s Cigars first opened its doors in Syracuse, New York, in May 1985. They’ve been a trusted local supplier and font of wisdom and recommendations for their customers in the years that have followed. This May 2021, they celebrate their 36th year in business - and neither they nor their customers could be happier.

A few years later, in 1999, Rocky’s Cigars took business to the next level by opening its virtual storefront, Now, customers from far and wide could reap the same benefits of discount cigars online and excellent service, the same as could visitors to Rocky’s brick and mortar location.

Over the years, Rocky’s Cigars has served as much more than just a venue with an excellent selection of discount cigars for sale online. Customers trust them to supply top names in cigars, like Quorum cigars, Arturo Fuente Cigars, Romeo Y Julieta, Oliva Cigars, and countless other premium brands - all for sale at less than premium prices. They have served as a consultative partner, a provider of excellent customer service, and a depot of the best cigar brands and accessories around.

They may have experienced some changes in business and operation, but some core values have never fallen out of focus. Since Day One, Rocky’s Cigars has placed the customer experience at the forefront of their model. They strive to offer quality cigars to their customers, and at excellent prices.

Moreover, they place a high emphasis on the value of customer service, recognizing that some of their customers are experienced cigar smokers whereas others are newer to the enjoyable pastime. They provide each and every customer with cigar deals that define value and provide a level of service commensurate with the expectations of the customer, never wavering from their goal of providing the ultimate experience.

That’s what hasn’t changed for Rocky’s Cigars, even as they enter their 36th year of business. The same partners still run the business and you can still experience that old-school, personal level of customer service every time you work with them, whether you walk through their doors or simply contact them via email.

They do things the way they always have, with quality cigars and accessories at the heart of the business. They expect to do this for many years to come, and their customers wouldn’t expect any less.

To learn more about the selection of cigars and cigar accessories available at Rocky’s Cigars, please visit their website. They provide a comprehensive list of premium cigar brands and accessories, including but not limited to cigar lighters, cigar cases and cigar cutters, cigar ashtrays, cigar humidors and so much more - and free shipping on orders of $140.

Customers are encouraged to contact the business directly, with comments, questions, or congratulations, either by phone at 315-422-9975 or by email at

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