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MORBiZ Releases Tutorial on Receiving Video Reviews

2021-06-16 01:08:15 Business


When you grab your phone or sit down at your computer for some leisurely scrolling or to check out a new business, how much of that time ends up spent looking at videos? Probably a good chunk of it, seeing as video is one of the fastest growing online platforms for humor, news, general info and of course marketing purposes. MORBiZ is now offering the tools needed to get video content for your business by attracting lucrative video reviews.

Why Do I Need Video Reviews for My Business?
Did you know that around 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before using a business’ services or products? Pretty astonishing stat, right? Well, combine that info with the fact that video gets 1,200% more shares compared to standard images, and the power of video testimonials becomes clear. These short videos provide your business with rich content that can be hosted on your website, thus helping boost your chances of being found in search results thanks to video’s SEO properties. Additionally, customer videos are perfect content for sharing on social media, again helping you reach new customers in every corner of your community.

How do I Get Video Reviews?
So the big question, how do you get customers to leave reviews, especially leave video reviews? With Video WebStar from MORBiZ the process is super simple. There’s no need to schedule production, hire a videographer or do any editing to get a high quality, branded video review with this tool. After identifying customers who you’d like to leave your business a review, you can use the Video WebStar Dashboard to complete the request. You can invite customers to leave a review by sending an email with a link to where they can record a video directly from their phone or computer.

Once they complete the review, music and branding can be automatically added. You will then have an opportunity to review the video. If you approve, it will be published onto your video dashboard so other customers can see it. Finally, you can download the reviews to publish to YouTube, Facebook or other websites to further enhance your business’ web presence and off site SEO!

Video WebStar from MORBiZ is a powerful tool that will boost SEO and put your business in front of many new potential customers. If you'd like to take advantage of this amazing video review widget, please give MORBiZ a call at 855-266-7249 or use the contact form at to get started. For nearly a decade, our team of local web presence experts have been helping small business owners scale their growth both online and off. With many available tools, from capturing video reviews and custom mobile apps, to complete websites, we have a solution to fulfill every business’ Internet marketing needs.

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