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New AlignBooks Features In GST Compliance According To India Govt.

2023-09-19 10:31:08 Computer


The GST, or goods and services tax, is imposed on everyday items sold in the market. Customers need to pay GST while buying any product in the shop.
GST billings are due at the end of each month or quarter for business owners, after careful estimates of revenue, earnings, and other factors. Significant calculations and invoice attachments on the GST filing platform, which may have a predefined template design, may be required. As a result, if done manually, this becomes a repetitive job.

Businesses should implement GST billing software in their companies to address these problems and make the filing and taxpaying task easier. To help them with the same, AlignBooks sounds the best choice concerning GST software. Our AlignBooks software proposes a wide range of solutions to the daily accounting and GST needs of customers.

Here's how this software helps a business owner manage and grow in the competitive market:
• Better Invoicing and Billing System: Our GST Accounting system allows the mapping of HSN codes right into the item master. To generate a GST invoice, all you have to do is select the item and choose from the customer/vendor account. It also includes an auto-flow and auto-check function. After you've completed the basic setup, you'll be able to achieve your goal of exports and postings in the framework.
• Manage the purchases: The AlignBooks system automatically posts entries based on a purchased document feed (s). It not only streamlines the method but also makes it easy to use.
• Generate E-Way bills in one go: Generate E-way bills in a single click while staying connected to the GSTN server. Simply create an invoice and select the option to produce an E-way bill. The E-way bill you ordered will be mailed to you immediately by the system. The E-Way bill number on the invoice will be modified as well.
• GSTR3B: With a single click, you may send GSTR 3B data directly to the GSTN server. When done with this, visit the GSTN server to see the digital signature.
• Hassle-free GSTR1 data submission: With a single click, submit your GSTR1 data to the GSTN server. You are not required to generate or validate JSON.
• Reconciliation of GSTR2A data: Download the GSTR2A from the GSTN server with one click. You can also match your invoices from the given data and look after the errors.
Indeed, these are the solutions to every GST issue arising these days. No matter how small a business is, they need to reconcile the data under GST is necessary. Invoice billing is also an important aspect to claim an ideal Input Tax Credit in the end.
Furthermore, AlignBooks is also integrated with some of the most trusted and verified payment methods.

Integration with ICICI Bank
Our integration with ICICI bank allows users to link their ICICI account with the software. This makes vendor payment an easy job. Users also get the feature of auto bank reconciliation of all transactional data with this.

Integration with Paytm
With the world advancing towards the UPI network, we promote the online payment concept with Paytm. Better working capital management with receivables and payables will reduce your business dependency on working capital finance.

Integration with Razorpay
Razorpay is a widely used online payment option used these days. It is not only secure but also works instantly and efficiently. Also, it maintains a seamless cash flow with simplified banking management.

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