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BIS Safety Software Announces Automated Training Assignments with the Training Matrix

2023-09-23 08:48:00 Computer


Sherwood Park, AB: BIS Safety Software has introduced software to assist in automating the training requirements for employees. The advanced Training Matrix feature allows you to customize training quickly and easily for each role and location in your company. By entering your unique company roles (e.g., forklift operator) and a list of their required training topics (e.g., forklift operator and TDG), our Learning Management Software can automatically generate a training matrix for your company.

To assign training to roles, simply click on the boxes in the training matrix where the role and required training intersect. You can assign training topics by location, role, or both and choose exactly which courses you will accept in your organization. Once you have done the initial matrix configuration the software handles the rest; the appropriate training will be automatically assigned to new or current employees the moment you assign or change their company role.

The Training Matrix Software has been an important tool for safety training in the workplace. Having the ability to automatically assign training to new employees saves your HR and admin teams countless hours of manual work.

The cloud-based learning management software will automate notifications for expiring training and send the notifications to workers, managers, and system administrators. The enterprise-level learning management system also includes rich reporting so you can immediately see your employee’s progress and where there are gaps in their training. This way, everyone knows where each department, region, or location stands in terms of compliance for their training requirements.

About BIS Safety Software:
BIS Safety Software was founded in 2006 and offers learning & compliance software for EH&S professionals, including a learning management system, training matrix, and much more. BIS also offers digital forms for site audits, incident reports, and many other form-based tasks.

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