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SysInfoTools has launched a Risk-Free and Remarkable utility for Zoho Mail Users

2023-09-09 10:53:43 Computer


SysInfoTools Introduced an extraordinary software for the Zoho Mail users who want to backup/import emails from the Zoho mailbox.

22(4,2021) - Company Name & Address - SysInfoTools is one of the emerging software organizations in India that believes in creating customized products for the users in the field of Email Management & Migration, Database & Backup Tools, Data Recovery, PDF Management, etc. The company is very fortunate to declare that an innovation (Zoho Backup Software) has developed and that will further assist users to utilize it, whether it is business organizations, workplace, or a personal user.

Requirements of the Zoho Mail Backup Tool
Zoho Mail has been broadly used by organizations and users to store their essentials in them. But sometimes, due to some unnecessary or unorganized threats, there might be a chance of data loss by users of Zoho Mail. So SysInfoTools launched a best and top-notch utility for the users to backup and migrate Zoho mailbox emails into their distinct file formats and email clients.

SysInfo Zoho Backup Tool
Zoho Backup Tool is exclusively designed to provide secure and 100% safe conversion for the users who want to save and download Zoho Mail emails into the local drive/Computer/system.
The utility permits users to backup and transfer Zoho mail emails into various file formats and mail clients. Software contains some amazing features like maintaining folder hierarchy, removing duplicate emails, and setting a backup schedule that makes it different from other software.
Salient Key Features of the Zoho Backup Tool
Save & Download Zoho Mail emails into local drive, PC, local system.
Backup Zoho emails into various file formats like PST, PDF, EML, MBOX, etc.
Import Zoho mailbox emails to Gmail, Yandex Mail, Office 365, Opera Mail.
Advanced option of Mail Filter to separate the emails into two specific date ranges.
Set Backup Schedule option to set the backup of Zoho emails in a Day, Week, Month.
Option to remove duplicate emails from Zoho folders.
Allow users to maintain the hierarchy of the folders.
User-friendly GUI i.e. no prior professional expertise is required.
Compatible with all major Windows operating systems.

Words From CEO
During the launch of the Software, CEO Mrs. Sonika Rawat said- we are heartily happy for our users that they can now easily backup or export their Zoho emails with great ease. SysInfoTools company developed a new efficient and trustworthy solution for the Zoho Mail users that helps them to work very smoothly in this data migration era. This advanced utility is designed with an interactive & intuitive GUI that allows both professional and non-tech users to use the software.

About the Company
And we the SysInfoTools is also known for our amazing and 100%secure tools. We provide users 50+ Windows/Mac software that simplifies the life of users and enhances their experience to another level. SysInfoTools is a global brand in this emerging field of Email Management & Migration, Data Recovery, Database & Backup Tools, PDF Management, Mac Tools, etc.
SysInfoTools has experience of 10+ years in developing emerging software applications. We are one of the most trusted software organizations that provide users a customer-oriented simplified solution SysInfoTools was established in the year 2010 by Mr. Harish Bisht and Mrs. Sonika Rawat. We value time and punctuality in all the work we do and provide the best solutions to our customers with top-notch utility.

If users, organizations, or enterprises are seeking any expert solution So that they can back up, save, download, import, migrate, transfer, export Zoho Mail emails into different file formats and email clients, then Zoho Backup Tool will be the best and effective solution for them.

Visit here :

Company :-SysInfoTool Software

User :- Priyanka Arya


Url :-

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