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Anti-Invoice Duplication Introduced in CONSULT for QuickBooks

2022-08-12 06:12:11 Computer


A major problem for IT staffing companies that use QuickBooks independently without a supporting add-on application is duplicate invoicing processing as well as duplicate subcontractor invoice payment processing. The second problem can potentially cause substantial loss and sometimes it may become difficult to recover the excess money paid. The problem with using QuickBooks independently without an appropriate add-on is that cannot weed out a duplicate invoice generation or stop a duplicate vendor voice from being paid inadvertently.

In a press release, the developers of CONSULT have stated that “its software is unique and one of a kind and uses special algorithms and proprietary technology that can easily weed out duplication problems in IT staffing companies even without an audit.” The spokesperson speaking about the feature said, “We value our customers’ money like our own and we don’t like to see them lose large amounts, sometimes the entire amount in a subcontractor’s invoice due overlooking or potential weak point in the accounts department.”
The spokesman told a press person gathering that duplicate invoice processing costs the IT staffing companies heavily year after year. “Our application not only brings down over payment but can also ensure that IT staffing companies are able to make the best use of the payment credit period that subcontractor vendors allow the staffing firms.” The spokesperson added.

CONSULT has after extensive research come to the conclusion that typical mid-level staffing company operators can gain up to 10% increase in revenue by using the software in financially related transactions such as timesheet submission, paying vendors and recovering payments from customers.

“It is the smartest tool that any staffing company can use for combining it with their QuickBooks to enhance its features manifold without having to depend on expensive local computer installs. Ours is a cloud-based SaaS application that can be accessed on multiple devices and is the best for IT staffing firms that want to empower their employees to work from home and beat the pandemic,” the spokesperson elaborated in response to a question.

CONSULT was developed in response to big demand from the IT staffing companies that were losing heavily due to the difficulties posed in invoice generation and vendor invoice processing. The developers have more than two decades of experience in this niche and have helped staffing firms to make a turnaround from operational losses that are common in this business. Readers can visit the company’s website for more information about the product.

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