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An exciting opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs with an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp program by Xpert.

2021-05-14 05:19:22 Education


Xpert, an online school run by industrial professionals, is coming up with a part-time, virtual, and short-term entrepreneurship Bootcamp program for new entrepreneurs and professionals looking to work for high-growth startups in India.

Starting your own business is exciting but also terrifying. The journey of an entrepreneur is a rewarding one but comes with its own set of challenges.

What are these challenges?

It comes with uncertainty and requires you to quit your job to create your own business. Funding plays a huge role in creating a new venture which involves building connections with the investors and making the right pitch about your idea. As a new entrepreneur, you need to have a strong understanding of your target audience and develop effective marketing strategies to promote your product which is much more than just advertising and posting on social media. As a young entrepreneur, it may often be challenging to build a strong and supportive team with the right set of people with skills and ability.

The uncertainty in the process and lack of a supportive team, strong network, knowledge, experience and guidance may lead to stress, anxiety and self-doubt. You need the right guidance and mentorship while diving deep into the world of entrepreneurship and be aware of these challenges of setting up a business from scratch.

How is Xpert the solution?

With the growing number of startups in India, many young professionals want to thrive in this space. To help such passionate entrepreneurs, Xpert launches its online entrepreneurship course which is a Bootcamp program to help them learn, upskill and collaborate directly with the industry professionals and founders of some of the amazing startups in India.

The program provides an environment for passionate entrepreneurs to learn along with a pool of like-minded people. The program requires you to spend about five hours a week attending live classes and brainstorming sessions. In addition to these, you can also choose to attend fireside chats with your mentor and seek expert feedback on your business plan.

Xpert aims to develop your practical application skills integrating with the learnings from the live projects. The mentors of this program are founders of some of the amazing startups in India across various industries like education, food & hospitality, finance & marketplace etc. They will guide you from ideating, building connections with the investors for funding, marketing and expanding your business.

About Xpert:
Xpert is an online school aiming to make experts accessible. It was started by Sharad Lunia, founder of releaseMyad, a leading media buying and planning agency with a vision of bringing industry professionals to share their insights and experiences with students and helping them discover relevant career options and get job-ready under their mentorship.

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