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ixlayer Expands Partnership with Senpex to Provide Same-Day Delivery of Lab Tests

2022-09-24 09:25:13 Miscellaneous


ixlayer Expands Partnership with On-Demand Logistics Service Senpex to Provide Same-Day Delivery of Lab Tests to Patients, Hospitals & Clinical Labs

Collaboration is a continuation of work enabling The Community Alliance to Test Coronavirus at Home (CATCH) Study in 12 counties throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco, April X, 2020 – ixlayer, a leader in technology-based solutions for diagnostic testing, today announced its expanded relationship with Senpex, an on-demand last mile logistics service powered by artificial intelligence, to make COVID-19 tests more accessible to patients by providing same-day delivery options to health systems and clinical labs.

Health systems and organizations need to provide a cost-effective approach to testing individuals swiftly, reliably and securely. ixlayer’s cloud-based platform, combined with Senpex’s AI-powered route optimization algorithm and integrated with Senpex API, allows companies and governments to run a full-scale testing program that can deliver sample collection kits to their destination in under an hour.

“The CATCH study served as the first successful case study for how ixlayer and Senpex can distribute and deliver the product at scale,” said Pouria Sanae, CEO of ixlayer. “A key part of providing telehealth and access to diagnostic services to patients in the home is ensuring that lab tests can be collected and delivered as efficiently as possible. We’re pleased to have Senpex be our partners in this endeavor as more health systems and governments look to create similar programs.”

Senpex and ixlayer first joined forces as a part of the CATCH study in San Francisco. The study used ixlayer’s platform to run tests simultaneously with labs throughout California, track shipments, manage test inventory and provide comprehensive data for scientists and public health officials to understand the outbreak in their area and inform public health decisions. Senpex provided route optimization tools, multi-route planning with multiple warehouses concept and the courier network to allow for the delivery and pickup of the self-collection COVID-19 test kits. Additional vendors included Gauss Surgical, Nuvalence, DaklaPack and Microsoft.

“Since the beginning of our work on the CATCH study, our team has been impressed with ixlayer’s leadership, knowledge and scale of product offerings,” added Anar Mammadov, CEO and Co-Founder of Senpex. “We are excited to further our collaborative efforts on new projects to provide a more efficient system of delivery for lab testing by integrating our logistics API and work with ixlayer engineers. As the healthcare model moves to a more virtual, on-demand offering, we anticipate a greater need for lab and clinics to offer patients same-day delivery. Our team looks forward to working with ixlayer on similar projects like CATCH in the future.”

The ixlayer cloud-based technology platform currently supports more than 1 million patients and launched more than 800 testing programs in 2020 alone. To learn more about ixlayer and its work to improve all aspects of diagnostic testing and telehealth services, please visit

About ixlayer:
ixlayer is an industry leader in the health-tech ecosystem, providing innovative solutions for enabling health systems, payors, biopharma, and health-focused companies to offer health testing in a virtual environment. The ixlayer platform delivers end-to-end solutions for the technical, security, regulatory, and user experience components of complex health testing. As the industry shifts to remote and virtual care options, ixlayer is powering patient engagement and preventative health strategies through virtual health testing, at scale. The ixlayer solution can be added to existing patient engagement platforms and patient portals to enable real time health and wellness lab testing. Founded in 2018, ixlayer currently supports millions of patients and has launched hundreds of testing programs for large organizations, health systems and every level of the government.

About Senpex:
Senpex is an on-demand delivery platform specialized in providing last-mile logistics services via mobile apps, the internet, and Senpex API, a customized integrated delivery option to automate their logistics needs locally. Senpex’s AI-based framework enables its technology to deploy a unique set of custom parameters for each client and doesn’t a deploy a one-size-fits all approach to the end-user. Senpex currently operates in five states: California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Nevada, with a fleet of 5,000 drivers.

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