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RealPocket Challenges All Women to Participate in the #NoPurseChallenge

2021-04-21 11:58:51 Business


For the month of October, RealPocket is challenging all women to participate in a No Purse Challenge. Men don’t carry purses – why should we? They have full size pockets, but all we get are these little tiny, practically microscopic 50:1 model of a pocket. No More! We are starting a women’s pocket revolution and challenging all women to drop those purses and attach a RealPocket and use THAT instead!

The RealPocket is a no-sew solution, so you don’t need that bulky sewing machine you never use anyways. Just grab that, a pair of scissors and the RealPocket kit and give yourself a real live, honest to God full size pocket for your jeans. Same Jeans Better Pocket.

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