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Professionals at Adams Care Discuses AC Short Cycling and How To Fix The Issue

2021-04-21 07:04:56 Business


Dubai, UAE - The actual operating duration of an HVAC system is considered a complete cycle. When an AC unit turns on and off too frequently, a short -cycle occurs. The condition starts to stress more on the components and can ultimately damage the system resulting in a costly repair.

Experts at Adams care state that there could be many causes behind a short cycle. It can be an incorrect unit size, poor thermostat placement, damaged equipment, dirty air filter, frozen evaporator coils, or problems with wiring and electrical connections.

The team further included, "Most people ignore short cycles as far as the AC unit works. However, it is essential to fix the issue at the earliest as it can degrade the health of the HVAC system, causing damages to the parts inside, which may require costly repairs or replacements".

Another member said, "When we get an inquiry on short cycles, we do a comprehensive check on the system to identify the exact cause and fix the issue accordingly. Cleaning or replacing air filters, fixing damages/leaks, suggesting properly sized systems are a few solutions we recommend to our clients to clear out the problem”.

Regular maintenance with frequent inspections and cleaning is the best way to keep your AC unit away from short cycling issues. If you find any unusual turn-on-off frequency in your Air conditioning unit, contact professionals to determine the root cause and fix it.

About Adams Care:

Adams Care provides specialized and professional AC duct cleaning services and is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association ( NADCA). The strict procedures during the servicing and cleaning process will ensure your HVAC system's safety and extended health. The Adams Care team is committed to work for ultimate customer satisfaction, and the exceptional standards have made them popular in Dubai and UAE.

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