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MyEdu announced online transportation tracking system for schools & colleges

2021-04-16 02:37:15 Education


MyEdu is a smart education management application for parents, teachers, and students which assist schools, colleges, and coaching classes. It has announced an online transportation tracking system for schools and colleges that track the transit data with real-time GPS for security reasons.
The online transportation tracking system is basically database-driven software that assists the school admin to efficiently manage the vehicle fleet. It eliminates the manual interventions and also gives instant reports to the school admin on many other metrics. The admin can view the location of the transportation vehicle by the real-time system. In the same way, the parents and the students can also track the live location of the vehicle with the help of a real-time system.
The real-time online transportation tracking feature offered by MyEdu ensures that parents are more comfortable and will give them peace of mind about the safety and security of their child while being transported to and from the school. The real-time online transportation tracking system is geo-location software that connects school admin, transport system, parents by enabling them to locate the school vehicle and students at any time when the vehicle is en route to school, home, school trips, and any other outings.
The parents are required to download and install the MyEdu mobile app which can be used in any platform Android and iOS systems. They can access this app even on tablets, desktops, laptops too. The app gives the parents the exact location of their child and the school vehicle in real-time. The customized map will provide the parents to see where the school vehicle is and its estimated time of arrival.
The core objective of online transportation tracking is the security and safety of kids. Many parents are usually concerned about their child’s transportation safety. The app allows the school admin to keep a continuous track of the speed limit of the school vehicle and also has the option to contact on-duty drivers. This will ensure to give peace of mind to parents regarding the safety and security of their children.
Parents will get instant alerts about the status of the traveling school vehicle. They will be notified about the issues related to transportation like delays, route deviations, vehicle breakdowns, stuck in traffic, unscheduled stops, or an emergency situation is quickly made available. The online transportation tracking is very helpful especially when the parents are on a busy schedule, they can’t waste their time waiting so this helps them with the exact time when to drop or receive their children.
About MyEdu
MyEdu is the one-stop solution that offers a smart education management application that runs on all the major platforms like Android, iOS, and web-based. Their applications offer great versatility and flexibility and ensure to ease the work-load of school management with highly-integrated school management software that makes schools smarter and well-organized all the essential daily tasks like attendance, transportation tracking, homework, exam alerts, results notifications, student performance reports, and many more.

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