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Indigital Technologies Makes Indian Women Thyroid Aware

2021-04-17 08:07:06 Health and Fitness


27th February, 2021, New Delhi: Thyroid diseases are common worldwide. In India too, there is a significant burden of thyroid diseases. According to a projection from various studies on thyroid disease, it has been estimated that about 42 million people in India suffer from thyroid diseases. According to statistics and research by NCBI (National Centre of Biotechnology Information), thyroid disorders are on the rise in India. Approximately 1 in 10 Indian adults suffer from hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones to meet the needs of the body. This condition is twice as prevalent in women as in men and is common among women of child-bearing age.

Thyroid symptoms are silent and generally ignored by the people. Indian men and especially women are 3 times more prone to thyroid.

The opportunity arises here as to how to educate people around the thyroid and its cure while they wait for their turn. With technology advancement in the pharma and healthcare sector which lets people to learn and understand around the deficiencies and symptoms of Thyroid.

Indigital Technologies, a research based digital healthcare technology company with 3 provisional patents on its name, introduced a solution through a campaign named ‘WiFi Thyroid Clinics’ in association with Thyronorm. It enables patients and their family members to learn and understand about the Thyroid syndrome, while waiting for their turn in doctor's chambers converted into awareness building time using internet less WiFi technology.

"We introduced this technology to spread awareness and educate people around the deficiencies and syndromes of Thyroid along with Abbott. We want people to learn the vital issues and available solutions regarding their treatment. As a brand we are focused to serve the society with best possible technology in the pharma and health sector. While partnering with Abbott, we converted 252 endocrinologist's clinics into WiFi Thyroid Clinics with the help of our patented product Kanopi. This initiative was recognised as the most valuable patient initiative at EyeforPharma award 2017, one of the most prestigious awards in healthcare”, says Mr. Hiren Dhuvad, Chief Executive Officer, Indigital Technologies.

About Indigital Technologies LLP:

Founded in 2015 by Mr Hiren Dhuvad, Indigital Technologies LLP is a pioneer Health-Tech firm. The company envisions to digitize the pharmaceutical healthcare marketing space by delivering award-winning technology solutions that are disruptive. The healthcare industry has been least disrupted by technology for so long in terms of doctor & patient engagement and education strategies.

Since its inception, Indigital Technologies has been selling its array of products and services to the pharma-healthcare industry by supporting pharma marketeers. Intending to solve all the marketing problems of the targeted industry through its products, the company is offering products that no one else could even imagine. Some of its phenomenal products include Kanopi, Kribado, Kyoiku, Incontro, and Pixika.

At present, Indigital Technologies have rich expertise in working with more than 50 top global healthcare companies like Abbott, Cipla, Pfizer, BI, Sanofi, Glenmark, Lupin, Sun Pharma etc. It has worked with over 2,50,000 doctors and empowered more than 7.5 million patients worldwide.

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