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iMusthav® product ranked in Best Razor for Stubble of February 2021

2021-03-01 04:13:01 Health and Fitness


The Marketing Team of iMusthav® is excited to announce iMusthav® product ranked in Best Razor for Stubble of February 2021.

Source of data, the public can see the statistics on the website of Product updates:

We are proud to be a part of good products among other famous brands, and serve more people in need.

Introduction to The world's first Dermaplane Electric Razor - DermaRazor (MV500)

A first mover, pioneering the technologically advanced combination of dermaplaning with an electric razor. The electric razor removes unwanted hair whilst the dermaplane simultaneously removes stubble and exfoliates for perfectly smooth skin. Designed for total body hair removal the DermaRazor comes with a skin guard for sensitive areas and combs for the bikini area. For more information, please go to the product page.

- Total solution for body hair removal
- 18K Gold-plated hypoallergenic blades
- Electric Razor remove long hairs
- Dermaplane exfoliates and removes stubble for extra smooth skin
- Skin guard for sensitive areas (underarms)
- 3mm and 5mm combs for bikini area
- Reversible head
- LED illumination – don’t miss stray hairs

Product page:

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