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Global BPO’S Document Review Service Reduces Electronic Disclosure Costs by More than 50% Without Compromising on Quality

2021-09-25 06:52:00 Legal / Law


Global BPO Limited, a leading provider of legal and business process services, is seeing significant growth in its eDisclosure review service.

The rapid digitalization of communication over the last 20 years has led to exponential growth in the volume of data requiring review for disclosure/discovery in litigation. Document review for those purposes is often the most expensive part of the litigation process and can be responsible for as much as 60% – 85% of the litigation budget.

Global BPO’s flexible and cost-efficient electronic document review solution mitigates against the significant cost of disclosure review in litigation and enables deadlines to be met without compromising on accuracy.

An integrated document review solution comprises:

software to de-duplicate and process the ‘data mountain’.
legal teams to review, sort and tag the processed documents according to relevant case issues.
The software significantly reduces the number of documents requiring review, often by over 50%. The ‘culled’ documents are then reviewed and coded for privilege, relevance, and tag issues by Global BPO’s legal teams who work in partnership with the law firm with conduct of the case. The more efficient the software and review team, the lower the overall cost of the review.

This provides law firms with two core benefits:

Increased internal efficiencies which enhance the firm’s profitability.
The ability to respond to clients’ increasing cost-sensitivities, thereby strengthening the firm’s competitive edge.
Global BPO works closely with clients to understand the specific requirements of each disclosure project including relevant issues and timeframes. Global BPO can also make recommendations regarding eDiscovery software based on its extensive experience working with a wide range of technology providers. Law firms often face exacting timeframes, fluctuating workloads and high levels of complexity but by working with Global BPO’s expert legal teams, they are able to scale up effectively to meet such challenges.

The exponential increase in the number of documents requiring review and the challenges of Covid-19 make it is increasingly difficult for law firms to conduct document review in the traditional way.

As a result, law firms are embracing a new cost-effective and efficient way of conducting document review for litigation by using specialist software and a trusted e Disclosure provider such as Global BPO.

Jan Scholtz, Managing Director at Global BPO, comments: “eDisclosure projects vary in complexity and scale but the rapid growth in the volume of documents requiring review means that law firms need to adopt new techniques to review thousands and often millions of documents within very tight timeframes. As lawyers, we have a complete understanding of the complexities and nuances of document review and we partner with both proprietary and non-proprietary document review software providers to deliver fully integrated support offering a range of options including a fully managed service. Global BPO’s document review service combines software expertise, rigorous Quality Assurance, Project Management and experienced legal teams to deliver a tailored and highly efficient eDisclosure service.”

About Global BPO

Global BPO was established by lawyers in 2001 and delivers bespoke legal and business process services from their managed ISO 27001/IEC-certified offices in Cape Town including:

Document Review for Litigation and DSARs
Risk and Compliance
Legal Proof-Reading
Document Production
Legal Precedent / Knowledge Management
Legal Research / Analysis
PA / secretarial support

Their client base includes law firms ranging from Global Top 10 to single practitioners and a breadth of other companies comprising accountancy firms, consultancies, charities, and corporations.

Their services are tailored according to individual need and they deliver significant efficiencies and cost-savings for all their clients across a variety of business sectors.

Client relations are a core priority, and they provide dedicated client management from their London and Australian offices to develop and maintain long-term trusted partnerships.

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