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6 Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

2021-09-24 03:14:40 Legal / Law


If you’ve been in a car accident, aside from calling the police and the ambulance, it’s also a must that you contact a car accident lawyer. The main reason for that is that they can help you navigate your claim process to make sure you obtain the compensation you need to recover your property loss and injuries.

While filing a claim can also be done by yourself, hiring a car accident lawyer should reassure you that you will receive the right amount of compensation as you’ll have a professional negotiating and settling the case for you. Car accident lawyers have worked on many types of accidents that made them more knowledgeable and expert on various cases. They can be your biggest asset and will guide you through the confusing and often overwhelming process of filing injury claims.

Below are the six benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer.

1. They Know All About Car Accidents and State Laws

In order to become a lawyer, your car accident lawyer had to undergo intensive years of studying and research about car accidents, state laws, and other information that is relevant for their position. Thus, hiring a professional car accident lawyer means you have a legal expert to back you up and help you understand your accident and the laws involved in your situation. You can see more here for more information about car accidents and the types of injuries you might experience from the accident.

2. They’ll Help Prove the Negligence of the Opposite Party

Another impressive advantage you get when hiring a car accident lawyer is that they’ll help you prove the other party wrong. There may be cases when you are partially at fault in the accident. But with a lawyer on your side, they can help you find the other driver at fault, too. Once both parties involved are at-fault, an insurance adjustor will equally reduce the amount you need to pay in compensation, depending on the amount of fault you have in the accident.

In case the other party is fully responsible for the accident, they will be the ones who will work on proving the negligence of the other driver to make sure you get full compensation for your injuries.

3. They Collect Necessary Evidence to Prove Your Case

To prove the negligence of the opposite party and prove your claim, your lawyer will work on gathering valuable evidence that could help strengthen your claim. Such evidence can be medical reports, statements from the eyewitness, cellphone records, and traffic camera surveillance. They also have the ability to issue subpoenas so that they can collect sensitive evidence as quickly as they can before it disappears.

4. They Know How to Handle Scare Tactics

As expected, insurance adjusters are pressured by their supervisors to compensate you with as little money as possible. Accordingly, they may use scare tactics, pressure you, or take advantage of your unhealthy and vulnerable state to make you quickly agree to the amount they propose. It may be hard for you to deal with these settlements or think clearly, especially if you’re still in recovery or shock after the accident.

If you hire a car accident lawyer, they’ll stand between you and the insurance company and protect your best interests while you’re still recovering.

5. They’ll Keep You from Divulging Sensitive Statements

After you’re involved in a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company may ask for your statement regarding the accident. Due to your confusion or disturbed state, you may make a statement which the insurance agent could use against you so they can avoid paying you any compensation.

To avoid this, hire a car accident lawyer who will keep you from making any innocuous statements that could be misinterpreted and manipulated by the other driver’s insurance company. Even the lines ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I didn’t mean this to happen’can be interpreted as an admission of guilt, thus negating your own claim. So, make sure you don’t say anything until your lawyer arrives on the scene and can speak on your behalf.

6. They Can Calculate Your Compensation

If you haven’t figured out how to calculate your compensation, let your lawyer do it for you. They will consider factors such as medical costs associated with your injuries, repair or replacement costs for your car, any earnings you may lose if you have to stay in the hospital, and even the emotional pain and suffering you may endure. They will also count the at-fault party liable in paying extra damages, especially if they behaved in a negligent manner.

The Bottom Line

Having a proficient car accident lawyer on your side will increase your chances of getting a high amount of compensation. Save yourself from all the hassle and trauma you’ll go through if you file for injury claims alone, and start looking for a professional car accident lawyer to help you throughout the process.


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