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Next-generation Flow Control Valves launched by Proteus industries

2021-03-01 04:14:43 Industry


Proteus Industries launches the next-generation FLC700 Series Flow Control Valves, which is a flow controller made for extreme conditions and comes with a digital display. It is capable of controlling the water flow in bi-directional ways. Talking if its features, it has two programmable alarm levels and are usable up to a temperature range of 60 degree Celcius. It contains a fully optimized rotor and a strong metal body to find an accurate flow rate and manage it properly.
Proteus Industries manufactures its products so as to incur a very low maintenance price with versatile functions giving maximum performance when it comes to flow measurement. At this time, Proteus Industries offer three types of digital flow Control valves for the industries that are:
FLC700 Series
FLC600 Series
FCV-M Series
All the flow control series developed by Proteus are made by keeping in mind the usability of these flow control valves for different types of industries. They operate on modern technology and suits with all type of environmental conditions. The various kinds of industries that can benefit from these flow control valves are:
Water Processing Industries
Chemical Processing Industries
Waste Management Industries
Marine Industries
Oil and Pipeline Industries, and more.
Proteus Industries is also a popular name in the manufacturing of flow meters and flow sensors. They use advanced technology to ensure that the readings provided by the instruments are up to the mark. Even a single error in the readings can create a lot of hassle for the company and can lead to a loss of money and resources. Proteus Industries understands this concept better, and that is why we develop the most advanced and accurate flow measurement instruments.
Proteus Industries got established in 1978. Recognizing the necessity for an accurate and high-quality flow switch for different types of industries, Proteus developed 100B, the first flow switch manufactured by Proteus. Since then, they have been serving their products and services to thousands of clients all around the world.
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