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Georgia Law Firm Discusses COVID-19 as “Act of God” in Contract Law

2021-09-25 01:41:40 Legal / Law


Atlanta, Georgia (forpressrelease) February 10, 2021 - KPPB LAW has recently released a new educational resource that focuses on discussing how COVID-19 can be classified as an "Act of God" in contract law and how this can affect contracts that business owners may be involved in. The article is guided by the knowledgeable Atlanta contract law attorneys at KPPB LAW so that it can be used as a trusted source of information for readers who may be affected by the pandemic and want to understand how to safely continue operations based on contracts they are tied to. The new article can be found on the company's main website.

KPPB LAW offers some critical information for business owners who want to understand how the recent COVID-19 pandemic affects their business contracts, and how this type of event is classified as an "Act of God". They detail what this type of clause means, the risks associated with continuing operations, what precautions should be taken, and also what to look for on your contracts. The experienced attorneys at KPPB LAW hope this article will help clear up some common misconceptions while also avoiding any discrepancies in contracts they are involved in.

While this new article focuses on "Act of God" clauses in contracts, the law firm's website also offers information on their firm's experience, team, and a list of all of the other service offerings. KPPB LAW offers creative legal solutions in the areas of bankruptcy and workouts, business debt, commercial loans, contract law, construction law, corporate governance, immigration law, labor and employment, and more. KPPB LAW believes in educating potential clients so that they do not feel caught off guard or intimidated when talking to professional legal service providers about important legal dealings they may be concerned about. They take pride in offering personally tailored services to each and every client so that they get the information and unique representation that they deserve.

With the addition of this new article, KPPB LAW hopes that readers will have a better understanding of how COVID affects certain contracts and what this may mean for their business. For more information, contact KPPB LAW today at 1-678-443-2244 or visit their website at


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