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Hiring a cleaning company to help you maintain your office or company building is usually a good idea. However, it does present an often unexpected side question – when should you tell the cleaning service to come?
There are many considerations that go into this decision and you may not have thought about all of them. So, before you call your Austin cleaning service of choice, let’s go over some ideas for when it’s best to schedule a cleaning service.
Over the weekend
The best time for many businesses is over the weekend. If your employees are not working over the weekend, it’s a good time to call one of the commercial floor cleaning services Austin offers.
Because weekends are so popular for Monday-Friday offices, you might need to book well in advance or have some backup days in mind when you schedule your cleaning.
Nighttime cleaning
This is one of the best options for many businesses and it’s one that all decent commercial floor cleaning services Austin has should offer. There are quite a few benefits to nighttime cleaning schedules and just a few drawbacks.
• Better employee health and safety. Any good Austin cleaning service should minimize the dust that goes in the air as they clean, but this is a problem that can’t be fully eliminated. And with over 20 million Americans allergic to dust mites, it’s best for your employees if they are not around during the cleaning.
• Virtually no interaction between the cleaning staff and your employees. Good cleaning service professionals know how to do their job without obstructing the work processes of others. Still, many managers find this to be a distraction for their employees. Nighttime cleaning fixes this problem.
• Better cleaning. This is much more of a “perceived benefit” than an actual one but it’s worth mentioning. All good Austing cleaning services should do a perfect job regardless of when they’re working. However, most business owners feel more satisfied with nighttime cleaning because they think the cleaning service is better when there are no employees around.
And for the one main drawback:
• Nighttime cleaning usually costs more.
Daytime weekday cleaning
The preferred choice of many, daytime weekday cleaning services also have some pros and cons.
• Faster response time. While any good cleaning service should respond quickly, it’s to be expected that their responsiveness is better during the day.
• Better energy efficiency. Cleaning during the day means no need for additional lighting and HVAC services.
• Lower rates. Weekday cleanings tend to be more affordable than nighttime or weekend cleanings for obvious reasons. A good cleaning company should have competitive prices either way but evening or weekend slots typically cost a bit more.
• Better security. No cleaning service worth looking at should present any security risks for your company. However, having your cleaning done during the day means fewer people coming in and out of your property at night, which improves security.
And the main Con:
• Employee interference. Good cleaning staff will know how to work without bothering or being bothered by the work processes in your business. However, some some interference is usually unavoidable.

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