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The Resort's staff become eco warriors to clean up Aksa beach with help from locals

2022-08-09 06:06:30 Environment


Mumbai, January 2021: A day after Republic Day, Mumbai’s serene Aksa Beach donned a spic, span and clean look. This was following a massive clean-up that was undertaken by the staff of The Resort, Mumbai along with locals from the neighbouring areas on Wednesday.

Since the past few years, The Resort has been conducting clean-up activities on the beach annually with help from locals while also creating awareness among beach-goers to stop littering.Aksa beach is one of Mumbai’s most beautiful beaches located along the Arabian Sea. It is an ideal tourist destination with people thronging to enjoy its pristine beauty and surrounding.

In a day, The Resort staff and locals collected around 120 kgs of plastic bottles along with other litter. The collected garbage was then taken by the municipal trucks and disposed of in a proper manner. Most of the garbage collected included plastic bottles and cans which are non-degradable and pose a major threat to birds, animals as well as aquatic life. There have been several instances of birds and animals getting caught up in the choke-hold of plastic. Such marine debris is a hazard to the sea eco-system.

The Resort initiated this clean-up drive as part of its move to maintain the sanctity of the beach which lends the property its tranquil charm since it is located right near Aksa. While the Brihanmaharashtra Municipal Corporation (BMC) carries out a regular mechanical cleaning of the beach, it is man-made litter and waste that are the real culprits in spoiling the purity of the beach.

Satyajit Kotwal, General Manager of The Resort Mumbai said, “We often see the beach strewn with litter especially during festivals and on public holidays when huge crowds gather here. It’s an ugly sight despite the beautiful surroundings. The litter and garbage spoil the scenic beauty of the sea and also creates environment hazards for the aquatic life and land animals. It is our duty as citizens to ensure that our beaches are well maintained and clean. We hope more and more people join in the effort and we can maintain this beach with their participation.”

Interestingly, as The Resort team and locals toiled to deal with the trash on the beach, it caught the eye of many a passer-by who showed keenness to join the drive.

The Resort is known for its scenic location near Aksa beach and is often flocked by people who wish to seek respite from the bustling urban life while being in the city itself.

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