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Bitengen enabling a safe and efficient trading environment for everyone

2021-10-16 01:05:22 Miscellaneous


Bitengen is a high frequency, multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange established in 2020 in London, UK. Bitengen maintains the highest regulatory requirements and compliant with, UK Banking requirements for anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) procedures. Bitengen further seeks to onboard the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK.
Leveraging its high intellectual capital, Bitengen has deployed a robust AI-assisted digital platform that integrates hardware resources of the AI device contributors to further build a redesigned deep learning hardware pool. It is further equipped with a high-availability and horizontally-scalable system and offers instant access to 20+ crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, etc.
Bitengen enables the AI resources and deep learning consumers to get structured data at affordable price and allows the clients to execute the orders in less than 7.12 milliseconds while plummeting the slippage risk.
Bitengen has achieved the highest level of cryptographic safety complying with Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSS), complementing to the ISO standards for enhanced levels of security.
Bitengen accepts deposits and facilitates easy withdrawals from a high-frequency crypto wallet and tap cards. The unique Bitengen Wallet features a simple user interface, built-in exchange, swap facility with impeccable security. It also ensures fiat loading top-up option and allows the customer to trade seamless transactions. The user-friendly and secured P2P mobile app supports iOS and Android devices, facilitating an easy UI and optimal UX.
Bitengen has one of the lowest trading fees in the entire ecosystem and charges the same fee whether it is one digital coin or 1000 digital coins, regardless of the quantum of the transfer. Sending bitcoins cross-borders is easier and uncapped with no extra fees. Bitengen does not require pairing with any credit card to maintain privacy and avoid hacking.
Bitenegen’s powerful neural network accesses raw data and recognizes the hidden patterns and correlations therein to empower the customers with high-quality data feeds and advanced forecasting, accompanied by liquidity pool from major global exchanges. The Liquidity Aggregation with ‘buy and sell’ orders from multiple sources enables the customers to buy an asset at lightning speed.
Bitengen offers different orders such as Market Order, Limit Order, etc. and facilitates the customers to choose the right option through its support team that operates 24/7. Betingen’s support services including AI-driven CRM further increase customer engagement.
We further intend to introduce new services to meet the exacting demands of the market and improve our existing services. Winning the trust of our clients is paramount and we strive to establish a solid base of long-term customers.

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