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Alchemy PT Highlights The Top Tips For Exercising Mental And Physical Fitness During The Lockdown

2021-03-01 04:27:51 Lifestyle


Wilmslow, England - Personal trainers at Alchemy Personal Training have introduced a variety of tips for their clients to help them maintain their mental and physical fitness during the prolonged lockdown period. Alchemy PT stresses the fact that clients need to set their goals for the new year if they want to improve their overall fitness level.

One of the most recommended tips includes investing in equipment such as the TRX system that can be further paired with a couple of dumbells to get a holistic style of workout at any given time. Trainers claim that clients can come up with numerous routines by purchasing these two types of equipment. Moreover, experts also provide an alternative to the previous solution as well,

“If you cannot invest in the suggested types of equipment, then it is definitely not a problem. The lack of equipment should not stop you from achieving your goals. You can instead engage in bodyweight exercises daily that are also effective in burning calories and building up core body muscles. You can practice doing regular sit ups, tricep dips, squats, press-ups, and lunges by watching our tutorial videos to maintain the right postures throughout your training session.”

Experts also proposed two types of effective workout routines that involve ‘resistance training,’ which includes the use of weights and the other being ‘cardio’ for overall fitness. Personal trainers advise clients to incorporate both types of exercises in their weekly workouts to achieve optimal results.

Furthermore, Alchemy PT provides instructions for beginners if they want to indulge in these workouts during the lockdown, “When you’re starting cardio, we highly encourage you to include walking, running, or a blend of both in your workout regimen. However, clients should always start slowly so that they don’t burn out before they can reach their fitness goals.”

As recommended by training experts, clients are advised to follow the guidelines thoroughly and train at least three times per week with a minimal interval of 45-minute workouts. Paired with a healthy and nutritious diet, Alchemy PT guarantees that clients will come out of lockdown mentally and physically fit.

Alchemy Personal training will continue to offer customized training throughout the lockdown with 30 minute HIIT workouts via ZOOM sessions. In addition, clients will be provided with home training and, if the weather allows, outdoor training will continue as usual.

About Alchemy Personal Training:

Alchemy PT is the UK's number one fitness center personal trainer, Based in central Wilmslow we have over 2000 square feet of space which contain our Personal Training Studio. Alchemy Personal Training now boasts some of the UK’s best trainers, and regardless of what you require an alchemy personal trainer for, the passion remains.

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