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Why Do Vehicle Accidents Still Occur?

2021-09-17 03:14:04 Legal / Law


Technological progress can be a marvel, but, unfortunately, it can’t stop car accidents. Human nature is so unpredictable that technology can only do so much. Drivers should practice caution at all times because a small chance of recklessness can lead to a lifetime of difficulties. There are many reasons why vehicular accidents still occur. The following are the most recorded ones:

1. Impaired Driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 29 people perish every day due to DUI. Last 2016, alcohol-impaired driving accounted for 28% of car accidents, and 17% of that caused infants' and minors' death up to 14 years old. Other influences include marijuana and drugs (legal and illegal). To cut the damages caused by addiction, offenders are court-ordered to undergo rehabilitation and education at intervention centers. These programs are specifically designed to help manage addiction, and, at times, spot an offender that has signs of addiction.
If you've been involved in impaired driving, it's best to seek the advice of a car accident attorney, whether you’re at fault or a victim of the crash. Professional services will guide you through the process on how to best proceed with the case.

2. Distracted Driving

An auto accident lawyer can attest to the devastation caused by drivers who try to multitask while driving. When one hand is away from the wheel, your mind is out of focus on driving, and your eyes are away from the road, it can lead to devastating accidents. Driving requires your full attention because the brain can't handle more than one task at a time. Driving while texting, eating, grooming, and talking on the phone forces the brain to keep switching to multiple tasks at a time when your full attention should be on the road while driving.

3. Speeding

Experienced drivers may sometimes be tempted to go over the speed limit for many reasons. But, accidental deaths from 2005 to 2014 amounted to 112,580 fatalities. And, it's disturbing because it accounted for 31% of leading causes of accidents at that time. Urban driving is hazardous, which is why you can only drive under 55mph in areas without signages, and even lower in residential areas at 25mph.

At locations experiencing slippery roads during the winter, drivers should practice caution and limit driving speeds. Maybe, you can find ways to beat speeding tickets, but speeding can still cost lives, whether they’re on the passenger seat or in another vehicle, or even those walking or cycling along roads.

4. Drowsy And Fatigue Driving

When drivers don't have enough sleep or are physically and mentally exhausted, their reaction times are slower because the body wants to shut down for much-needed rest. Your focus gets impaired, and you become just as dangerous as someone driving under the influence. A trip throughout the night isn't advisable for those who did not rest before going on the road. Nodding off a few seconds could cost you to run over a person, animal, or, worse, another vehicle on a narrow road.

5. Blind Spots

Any driver can make the mistake of not checking their blind spots when turning or changing lanes. You can be distracted or in haste, and even check your rearview mirrors. But, if you forget to clear blind spots, it can result in car crashes. It's especially riskier on larger vehicles because your line of sight is limited. Take safety measures seriously by learning to set your rearview mirror properly and ensuring that the road is clear or the next vehicle is far off before turning. The worst you can do is try to outrun an approaching vehicle.


Driving is nothing to be taken lightly. Many may want to own a vehicle, but not everyone wants to go through the effort of keeping their focus on the road. Some take their chances to beat traffic lights or are over-speeding to keep up with their schedules. People don't realize that life and death situations only take a second to occur. By following traffic rules, learning defensive driving, and choosing to keep yourself in good condition and focused while driving can help save lives.


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