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Olivia & Hill Press is pleased to announce An Existing French Grammar Book

2021-03-07 04:35:24 Education


Olivia & Hills is pleased to announce their English grammar for students of French. This English grammar makes it easier for French students to learn French grammar by explaining how it works in English. An indispensable French study guide for students who need extra help with grammar included in their French class. Includes smart study tips, how to learn vocabulary, how to memorize memoirs. A French grammar book for college, high school, and adult students. 

This grammar book also describes the terms of French grammar in your textbook and explains how they relate to English grammar. Once you get the terms and concepts in English, it will become easier for you to understand what is being offered in your French course. Each chapter of this book is divided into two segments - one explaining English grammar and the other explaining French grammar which helps you learn English from French.

The Major Benefits of choosing English Grammar for Students of French by Olivia & Hills Press mentioned below - 

1) Step by Step Illustrations - This grammar book shows you how to get from an English to a French sentence structure.

2) All the Essentials - Straight lessons that focus on rules and no exceptions. French grammar taught at the beginning of college courses was included.

3) Study Tips - This book provides you with study tips that help you to learn common French verbs and word forms, and to remember them.

4) One Point Chapter - In each bite-sized text, author Jacqueline Morton interprets a grammar rule and illustrates it with English and French examples.

5) Explained in English - To help you learn French grammar from the point of view of a language you already speak.

On top of these, Olivia & Hills also offer grammar books in other languages such as - Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, and Latin.

To learn more about our English Grammar for Students of French, head over to our website at

About us - The Olivia and Hill Press provides the best grammar books of all time in different languages that include - Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Latin, Spanish, German & French. Our books improve students' performance and learning outcomes. We focus on making sure grammar doesn't get in your way of getting your language skills to the next level. For more information contact us at (734) 971-0202 or shoot a mail at -

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