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Quantconnects Emerges As The Best Cloud Hosting Provider In 2020

2021-10-17 09:36:10 Miscellaneous


Great news knocks the doors of QuantConnects as we all enter 2021. Announced as the best Cloud Hosting Provider for the year 2020, this United States based company spoke to the media sharing their journey.
QuantConnects, is here to provide you with the best cloud solutions to all your storage, security, and monitoring problems. They help you overcome the challenges you face maintaining your data security and storage. Spokesperson from QuantConnects addressing the media said, “We are excited about the increasing number of companies switching to cloud hosting. We plan to introduce many more packages for small business in 2021”
QuantConnects is your complete yet cheap cloud hosting provider, which judges the business's scale to recommend them particular services. Small and Medium Businesses, with their limited IT infrastructure, still need monitoring. QuantConnects is right here to help them both at security and monitoring while adjusting to their resources and applications. Monitoring services include- Website, Server, Cloud, Network, Application, and Real User Monitoring depending upon the business's needs.
Storage and archiving are an essential need for any business. Cloud services include not only storage but the protection of this space to meet the trade's requirements. For security, the cloud-native and AI enhance support can streamline themselves to secure endpoints and the connections against cybercriminals and their intrusive technology. This cheap cloud hosting provider also allows extreme support in the organization through their full-fledged cloud storage that keeps information safe yet accessible. The service also helps organize and optimize data and protects it, which catalyzes business continuity. QuantConnects is also your one-stop Iaas shop providing technical consultation, Cloud strategy, development, migration, deployment, and management.
The Service
QuantConnects service is extremely easy to use as users have to subscribe by filling a one-page online EULA and a Storage as a service subscription, This one-stop solution is worth the money as users have to pay only for services they use and no take entire bountiful packages with contents not used by them. Subscribers are billed on what they use, and monthly subscriptions include all necessities, making this a cost-effective choice. They advocate knowledge before commitment and ask for the complete list of your needs and the infrastructure you are set in before promising their service. Getting started is simple yet detailed.
About QuantConnects
QuantConnects offers World Class cloud solutions, providing IaaS, Cloud Storage, Security and Monitoring services. QuantConnects blog helps any amateurs be educated about the vast importance of cloud services. QuantConnects is a totalitarian service provider that brings down a massive load off the business runner with the need for cloud-based solutions.

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