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Black-Owned credit card app launched to show how to raise credit score

2022-12-06 04:32:02 Miscellaneous


Timothy Griggs with 30+ year experience in the mortgage industry has designed and launched an app called The Good Steward Financial System to help you manage your credit cards all in one place. Instead of having to login into multiple apps and websites to decide which credit card is best to use for a transaction, this mobile app consolidates all of the important information all in one interface. This app launch is just in time because many credit card companies are having a hard time managing the influx of traffic to their call centers and their mobile apps. This mobile app connects you directly with the backend of your credit card processing companies through an api and avoids the slow information acquisition that plagues the credit card apps daily. By the year 2023 revolving credit card debt will expand by another $100 Billion from $1.08 Trillion. Now is the time to monitor and be strategic about your revolving credit, and this mobile credit card app will help you do just that.

According to consumer debt is increasing at a 5% rate and US consumers devote 10% of their disposable income to non-mortgage debt. This is a trend that this credit score management app is looking to change. When Timothy Griggs was asked why did he launch this mobile app he says: “In my decades of experience in the mortgage business it has been heart breaking to see so many lose the opportunity to be home owners because of 1 or 2 bad decisions after they have been approved.”

This credit card management app features:

1. Debt to Income Ratio calculator
2. EFX Credit Score
3. Transaction History
4. Bank Account Integration
5. Secure Portal
When Zhe Scott, The SEO Queen was asked what she thought about the credit score management app she says, “This app is aesthetically pleasing and I am happy to go into 2021 with this tool to help me manage all the moving parts in my finances more effectively” You can download this app to an Android or Apple device by visiting:

Timothy Griggs is a real estate mogul and the CEO and founder of THE GOOD STEWARD FINANCIAL SYSTEM - TGS APP. He is also an experienced mortgage broker with griggs mutual realty & management.

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