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Business Flexibility - Adapting to a New Way of Living and Working

2021-09-28 04:50:38 Computer


At Seartec, our “New Normal” is giving clients the option of Flexible Copier Rentals, with a 30 day notice and ensuring that the best price is guaranteed!

Everything about the way business is done has changed. So why shouldn’t your copier rental agreement? At Seartec we are introducing 30 day notice copier rentals. We understand that businesses no longer need - or can justify - an onerous and inflexible 36 or 60 month copier agreement as business just can’t see that far ahead!

Therefore, we offer flexibility and commercial value to thousands of loyal customers across South Africa. We are so confident in our ability to efficiently service and adapt to your ever changing needs, that we have introduced a 30 day notice copier rental agreement. No more long-term copier rentals, just the flexibility and service that you need, for as long as you need it.

Every other part of how we do business has changed. Shouldn’t copier rentals?

No one could have anticipated the way COVID 19 has changed the lives of billions of people around the world, for both businesses and individuals alike. With the need to stop operations entirely or work from home to prevent the spread of the virus, businesses have quickly had to learn to adapt under these working conditions and requirements, rethinking the way they do business and how they operate as a whole.

And this way of flexible thinking and operations is going to need to extend well into the future. We learnt the hard way that it doesn’t pay to be fixed and inflexible, and long after the COVID pandemic subsides we’ll have to operate in a way that won’t leave us vulnerable in the face of the unexpected. Here are some ways you can operate to not only save on operational costs but work effectively no matter the situation.

Let Seartec Help Give You Room to Adapt and Reshape your Operations

While it may be daunting, a good thing to take away from these trying times is that it gives us a chance to relook at our business operations and shape them into something new and exciting. Businesses have discovered that a more flexible approach actually saves them time and money. At Seartec we are ready to assist and empower your new working methods, with our fleet manager on hand for your remote operations, and flexible financial and lease agreements on your essential printing equipment.

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