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The most travel-friendly, affordable and efficient electric scooters launched by

2020-11-24 08:04:50 Business


November 12, 2020, Los Angeles, USA: For those who are not contented with being stuck in traffic, within cities, we wanted to go further, off the beaten track and want to explore the city, the suburbs, the wooded lands, to discover places like that tiny wayside cafe with the perfect coffee, or to see sights, like the sunset at the forgotten lake over the next hill, is the comprehensive solution. They provide customers with the opportunity of not being limited by public transportation or cars or schedules with their scalable range of electric scooters.

The team of engineers at are visionary individuals, dedicated to R&D. They have added super suspensions to increase the level of support and stability of their electric scooters and combined various different transportation technologies to create vehicles with ultimate and efficient performance with boosted mobility and power. Their superior quality Electric Scooter travel beyond pavements to hard gravel, sustaining pressure and working smoothly even in rough terrains.

About is an online website and e-scooter manufacturing company that was founded in the year 1999 in Busan, Korea. They currently have sales centres in Korea, Singapore, China, France, New Zealand, Australia and Russia. They excel in distributing and designing very high quality electric scooters that can sustain rough terrain, heavy-duty use and provide smooth and seamless experience to drivers.

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