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8 Most Common Boiler Repairs Homeowners Need, According To Experts

2021-10-24 09:48:58 Home and Family


Boiler problems are pretty common in Ayr. The risks double when you do not hire professionals for boiler installations in Ayr. Whether you are looking for boiler repair in Ayr or simply debating whether the professional fee is a worthy investment or not, the list of these most common boiler problems might help make things clear.


If you are new to boilers, the term "kettling" might not mean much. This is basically the build-up of pressure in your boiler because of mineral deposits brought about by hard water. This is one of the most common boiler repair in Ayr because of the area’s hard water. While this might sound simple, straightforward, and easy to spot because of the accompanying loud noises your boiler makes when this happens, you must not ignore it. Kettling can cause your boiler to leak or the pipes to burst. This can cause more problems for your home.

Tank leak

When you notice a leak in your boiler and it is coming directly from the tank, you might need a full replacement of your system. This is a major issue and should be dealt with immediately. However, do not attempt to do anything yourself until you call a professional at boiler repair in Ayr. The leak might be coming from someplace else.

Troubles with the pilot

When boilers were less low tech, pilot problems can be fixed by homeowners at least until the professionals get to their homes. Today’s boilers, however, will probably auto-shutdown if there is a problem with the pilot. If this is the case, call a professional right away to take a look at your boiler.

Frozen condensate pipe

During the winter, it is quite common for pipes to freeze. Ironically, even the condensate or drain pipe of the boiler can also freeze, messing with its internal pressure. The condensate pipe dispenses of acidic water from the boiler. If the pipe freezes, you can attempt to thaw it by pouring hot but not boiling water at the pipes to allow it to drain. If this does not work, it’s time to call the professionals.

No heat but there is hot water

If your home is feeling drafty but there is hot water coming from your faucet, it’s an indication that there is something wrong with your boiler’s radiator or its pressure. Attempting to repair this on your own can cause more trouble than it’s worth. It is best to call a company that specializes in repair and boiler installations in Ayr.

Heat but no hot water

The lack of hot water in your home despite proper room temperature regulation can also indicate a repairable but serious problem that requires deep knowledge about boilers to be fixed. Call a professional for consultations first before attempting repair.


Boilers are known to be noisy, but some noises can indicate serious problems. After installation, ask your service provider to give you a list of noises you should watch out for so you can call them before anything dreadful happens.

No communications with the thermostat

It’s ideal for you to pair your boiler with a smart thermostat so that you can easily keep track of your home’s temperature regulation. If something goes amiss with their communications, this can cause serious problems later on. Always check on how they are "talking" to each other and contact a truster service provider to fix the problem.

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