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ThinkCrazy has launched MetroRide on October 25th,2020.

2023-02-04 05:16:38 Miscellaneous


Bangalore, India - Metroride India is proud to announce the launch of Metroride App, a metro shuttle service that will solve the problem of last-mile connectivity. It's a new platform to transform the metro commute into a convenient way of travel.

In the first phase, we are going to launch our services for Yelachenahalli Metro Station.

This is how we are going to make difference in mobility:

? The shortest commute becomes a hassle during peak hours. Current Ride-hailing systems become costly when they are needed most. Metroride will be readily available whenever it is needed with no surge pricing.

? Our vehicles are electric and they don't emit pollutants. This is impossible with petrol-powered cabs which are much heavier and take more energy to move.

? As cities continue to expand and the population grows, commuting will get worse in urban areas. All of this can be avoided by tapping into the recent electric vehicle trend.

Here is a brief comparison of how using MetroRide compares to other existing mobility options:

How to Book a Ride:-

? Open the MetoRide app and allow your location service.
? Enter Your Pickup and Drop location a route will be created.
? Click on the “BOOK RIDE” button, select the number of seats and your payment option.
? Wait for a while, you'll see your driver's location on your map and estimated time of arrival at your pickup location, and total distance information.
? Share your OTP with the driver and your ride will be activated.
? You can press the “SOS” button in any case of an emergency.
? You can rate your driver after completion of your ride.


- 2nd Runner Up at NASCOM's NIPP Mobility Challenge 2020
- India Final Winners of Climate Launchpad 2020

CEO-ThinkCrazy Technologies Pvt Ltd CTO- ThinkCrazyTechnologies Pvt Ltd

Company :-Metroride

User :- Metro ride


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