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Rex Nichols Architects Aims to Create Single-Family Residential Complexes for Clients

2020-11-24 01:03:55 Business


Miami, Florida (October 15, 2020) - Rex Nichols Architects (RNA) is Miami’s most accomplished architectural and interior designing company with more than three decades of industry experience. The company has always pushed the limits of designing when it comes to creating luxury waterfront modern houses for their clients in different parts of US, such as Miami, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Cape Cod. Among the numerous international locations that the company has worked on, the most notable ones include Dubai and the Bahamas. Being a company that has been creating multifamily luxury contemporary houses for a long time, Rex Nichols Architects are always looking to explore new and innovative design ideas by taking inspiration from contemporary art.

As an award-winning designer of architectural projects, Rex Nichols Architects (RNA) has always been able to come up with top of the line residential and commercial projects that easily surpass the expectations of their clients and are lined up with the top New York architects award-winning homes. Apart from condominiums and waterfront homes, RNA has also worked on numerous other types of projects that include private clubs, restaurants, galleries, hotels and retail spaces. With a brilliant design team that includes the likes of Rex Nichols, Alex Penna and Russell Shafer, Rex Nichols Architects has always been one step ahead of other architecture firms when it comes to predicting design trends of the future that eventually become a dominant trend once RNA has put them into practice.

Rex Nichols Architects has come up with new and innovative residential designing concepts to meet the challenges of this emerging market. The company is now focused on designing and developing contemporary houses close to large cities with an aim to help clients easily commute to their offices once or twice every month. Many people are now tired of residing in small apartments and so they are looking to buy larger apartments. The possibility of managing their office work remotely from their homes has also impacted people’s choices as they try to find new homes. As a team of Miami architects that have always been eager to create visually stunning homes, Rex Nichols Architects is intent on simplifying people’s search as they look for a place they can call home even in a world deeply impacted by the pandemic. “Our design philosophy has always incorporated the principles of comfort and convenience with visual brilliance so that homeowners can be proud of the place they call home. We create homes that aptly reflect the sensibilities of the people who live in them,” says the design lead of RNA.

About Rex Nichols Architects
Rex Nichols Architects is a well-known design and development company that has been serving clients in both residential and commercial segments for over 30 years. With a string of awards in its kitty, this company is a coveted one among its ever-growing client base.

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