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MacAndro introduces Blockchain Integrated Fitness App with Crypto Reward Features

2020-10-22 05:36:00 Business


MacAndro has come upon with an announcement that their new business model is health & Fitness App Development in blockchain technology. Being a reputed mobile app solutions provider in blockchain tech across the globe, we offer healthcare & fitness app development solutions with the most advanced blockchain technology. With our Cryptocurrency integrated Fitness app, you can offer your users crypto rewards.

What are the Benefits you can offer your Users with our Fitness App?

1.Fitness apps offers a risk free environment to the users to perform their physical workouts without getting outdoors. 
2.With these apps, users can enjoy their home workouts with their beloved family members. They can do all sorts of physical activities like walks, dance, yoga practices, meditation etc with their family.
3.Virtual classes or online video sessions in these fitness apps helps users to get training from the trainer by staying away from them. 
4.Wearable devices connected with fitness apps aid the users to monitor their health condition regarding their body temperature, heart beat etc.
5.Notification feature in these fitness apps will remind the users about their workout sessions, so that they won’t miss their exercise & stays healthy.
6.By collecting the users body info, these apps will suggest them to increase or decrease their weight by guiding them with food habits & workouts.
7.Fitness apps supports the users to burn their stress with various stress relief solutions like meditation, yoga’s etc.
One the major advantage in fitness app is motivation. These apps will keep on motivating the users through notification & reminder about their health & fitness goals.

Revenue Models in Fitness App Development:

Paid Apps:

In this method, users have to buy membership first in order to grab the benefits from your app. Initially you can offer a free trial for one or weeks to acknowledge the users about the value of your app and furtherly there will be a huge probability, that the users will get your subscription by paying.

In-app Purchases: 

In in-app purchase method, you can initially launch your fitness app for free to the users. Then you can generate revenue by encouraging your users to make purchase in your app like advanced features or can charge for providing access to premium content of the certain features. 


This is the most common method through which most the applications generate revenue today. In this method, you can earn by showing ads to your users and charge from the concerned owner of the product that you advertised. YouTube runs under this formula. 

Free Apps with premium videos: 

You can allow the users to access your app for free and make money by charging them to access video content. As fitness is full of exercise and it can’t be expressed only in words. So users will prefer visual content to go with their workouts. In that case, you can earn considerable amount by charging them for providing access to video content.

Macandro - Fitness App Development Company:

MacAndro is the first rate Fitness & healthcare app development company, builds the best in class fitness apps & mHealth platform to gyms, healthcare sectors, pharma companies and to hospitals. We offer world class fitness app development services with best UI/UX design to our clients to make them stay ahead from their competitors. 

At MacAndro we deliver all kind of health & fitness app according to our clients business requirements. Some of them are listed below

     1. Diet and nutrition app
     2. Workout and exercise apps
     3. Fitness App
     4. Activity tracking app
     5. Medical App
     6. Healthcare app
     7. Telemedicine app 

To know more in detail about our services, refer this article >>

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