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SleepMake Launches Two Advanced High Fidelity Noise Reduction Earplugs

2020-10-22 06:30:45 Business


SleepMake online shop announces the launching of Two Advanced High Fidelity Noise Reduction Earplugs. These noise-canceling earplugs are great to use when sleeping, traveling, studying, and many more.

SleepMake, an online shop specializes in providing sleep devices, has announced its new noise-canceling earplug products. They are SleepMake ULTRA EarPlug and SleepMake PRO EarPlug. These new earplugs are considered to be the best earplugs for sleeping because of its ability to reduce 60% of annoying sound while sleeping, studying, or traveling. The products are available online only at the official website According to the store owner, these earplugs for sleeping are professionally designed to reduce noise and made of high-quality silicone materials. “Our ear plugs have been tested and proven to reduce noise around. They also are comfortable to use and protect your hearing from loud sounds during concerts.”

SleepMake is an experienced online shop that provides various sleeping devices; one of them is noise blocking earplugs that are perfect for getting a calm atmosphere. Therefore, users can enjoy their activities without annoying noise. The first new earplugs product is SleepMake ULTRA EarPlug. This noise cancelling ear plugs product is ideal to wear while sleeping or studying. Whether at home, traveling, bedroom, or workplace. One of the SleepMake ULTRA EarPlug has testified about this high quality built earplugs product, “ I’m a side sleeper, I found many problems when I used regular sleeping ear plugs. SleepMake ULTRA EarPlug has helped me to get my sleep better than before.

The second product, SleepMake PRO EarPlug, has a different shape but still has the same function, which is blocking loud noise. The SleepMake PRO EarPlug is ideal for reducing loud sound use at concert venues, music festivals, nightclubs, and many more. These noise cancelling earplugs are made of waterproof liquid silicone materials. Therefore, it can be washed and reused. “SleepMake PRO EarPlug is a nice and comfortable noise canceling ear plugs. I can use it for my favorite music festivals,” said one of SleepMake PRO EarPlug users.

SleepMake ULTRA EarPlug and SleepMake PRO EarPlug are available to purchase online for only $24.99 and $24.95 at SleepMake's official website.

About SleepMake

SleepMake is a leading online shop that only focuses on sleep devices such as ear plugs for sleeping, anti-snoring devices, sleep masks, sleep headphones, sleeping pillows, and many more. The website has easy navigation for a great user experience. For more information about their products, please visit their official website at

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