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Renowned Psychologist Mrs. Anuja Kapur spoke about POSH at Everest Blowers Pvt. Ltd.

2023-02-04 03:12:53 Miscellaneous


Everest Blowers Pvt. Ltd. took an initiative to impart knowledge on sexual harassment at workplace faced by women. Renowned Psychologist Mrs. Anuja Kapur was invited to shed light upon the grave concern and prevention of sexual harassment on 9th October, 2020. Everest Blowers collaborated with Mrs. Anuja Kapur for a session with their employees on increasing awareness about POSH, as she always makes it a point to lend forward a helping hand to the people in need.

For far too long, women have been subject to gender-based discrimination and violence in the workplace, so the main motto of the session was to pick up the momentum to demand and create a society that is safe, peaceful and prosperous for everyone.

While addressing the employees of Everest Blowers, Mrs. Anuja Kapur said “Women deserve balanced involvement in theirplace of work as their male counterparts. An environment free from hostility, harassment and any form of favouritism. Regrettably, safe workplaces is a reality far fetched formost women. We all need to work hand in hand to makesafe workplaces possible. A strong support network along with asystem to keep all employees informed regarding the same is of the essence. Violence should not be condoned. Change and proactive steps should be taken at all levels to end sexual harassment in the workplace,”

Mr Amit Kapur, Director at Everest Blowers PVT LTD, organized the posh event and said” it is our constant endeavour to provide the employees with the best working environment. We have taken additional measures to create awareness and further create a secure environment for our workforce. We connected with Mrs. Anuja Kapur and wanted her to share her noesis with our employees, to provide them with the a clear aspect regarding POSH and the uses of its committee. I believe that a happy and secured workforce will add further productivity to any enterprise.”

An employee at Everest Blowers PVT LTD a Ms Ameeta Nehra, Lead (Corp. Comm. & PR) said “ It was great to attend the event as Mrs Kapur really rendered us with critical information regarding sexual harrasment and violence at workplace. She put up an aspect on both the fronts, as a common man and an employee. She provided us with a prospects of the use of a committee and the acts under it. She made us aware of all the options and processes needed to file a petition and bring our fight forward.”

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