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Texture My Way® Relaunches With An Emphasis On Versatility & Control For Natural Hair

2023-02-04 05:13:46 Miscellaneous


Stone Mountain, GA (October 05, 2020) – Every beauty magazine, website, blog spot or social media forum mentioning “natural hair” is in full gear to capture the attention of women and men with naturally curly, wavy, kinky and coily texture, encouraging them to embrace and show off their God-given texture. Some of the largest mass and drug retailers are scrambling to modify modules, introducing new products targeting women with natural hair.
Although many new brands offer one size fits all systems for their natural texture, dissatisfied consumers continue to pile up products on their vanities, searching for solutions that contain the ingredients they want, the moisture they crave, and the styling result they desire for their specific texture. Out of the sea of sameness, Texture My Way® Natural Hair Therapies emerges with a re-launch of their hydrating Shea Butter and Olive Oil remedies for curly, coily, wavy, kinky, frizzy and mixed-textured hair.

Texture My Way® Natural Hair Therapies distinguishes itself by empowering the user to have confidence that their hair can be healthy as they explore a multitude of style choices. “Today’s consumer is bold with his and her styling choices,” says Dwan White, Vice-President of Global Marketing and creator of the Texture My Way brand. “Texture My Way products are nourishing and were formulated to help hair handle the styling demands of bouncing between curls, waves and afros to color, twists, braids and even lace front wigs. We want the user to maintain a healthy foundation, so that as they switch up their style their scalp and hair remain healthy. The line features an assortment of products that significantly soften, moisturize and control wiry, coarse, hard-to-manage hair and prevents shrinkage by helping to elongate curls, waves and coils. Cutting through the clutter, these user-friendly therapies feature descriptive names that tell what the product is, along with a banner, on the front of the label, describing what the product does. Each therapy is enhanced with Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which remain at the top of the list as the most sought-after ingredients in hair care. “Healthy ingredients, manageability, style control and versatility are important to natural hair consumers,” says White.

Texture My Way® Natural Hair Therapies are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oil and Petrolatum, and only contain eco-friendly preservatives that do not harm the skin, scalp, hair or environment. The product line includes:

Hydrate! Moisture Intensive Softening Shampoo,
Texture Control Moisture Intensive Softening Conditioner,
Easy-Comb Detangling and Softening Crème Therapy,
Keep It Curly™ Ultra-Defining Curl Pudding, and
Keep It Curly™ Stretch and Set Styling Foam.

“Globally, there are more people with textured hair than with straight hair,” notes White. We’re empowering the textured majority to feel good about their texture and to be bold an unapologetic about how they choose to rock their texture.” The brand also was created to be an affordable solution for hair care maintenance and styling.

Texture My Way® Natural Hair Therapies is sold around the world in retail and independent beauty supply and cosmic shops. For more consumer information and product sales, visit the website at:, and follow the brand on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Our Mission Statement:
Today’s voices are driven by some of the same values espoused by our brand: choice, equality, authenticity and empowerment. Texture My Way believes in uniting the global texture majority, alongside anyone with a voice for progress. Our brand’s message to our community is to love yourself, embrace your differences, and to become agents of positive change.

Texture My Way is made by House of Cheatham in Stone Mountain, GA manufacturers and markets high quality, value-priced therapies for multi-cultural consumers with an emphasis on women and men with textured hair. With distribution throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, the company is noted for its strong selling brands.

About Texture My Way: Texture My Way offers hair care products for men and women who want to keep their natural texture strong and healthy as you switch your hairstyle. From free-flowing curls and waves to springy twist and coils, unique color, smooth & straight flat ironed styles, or protective styles like braids, weaves, and wigs, your texture is as unique as you are.

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