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Wayrates Announces Free Shipping for Orders More than $89 For Limited Time

2020-10-21 08:50:16 Business


Wayrates is an online store with collections of outfits and products for men. It provides various offers and features, including free shipping with terms and conditions.

Wayrates is one of the shopping platforms that specialize in providing products for men. The items are available in some categories, including Tactical, Active, Outdoors, Headwear, and Footwear. To make shopping activities simpler and more interesting, Wayrates also makes available some features. One of the features is Free Shipping.

To enjoy the free-shipping feature, there are some terms and conditions to fulfill. First, a customer must order items with a total price of more than $89. Second, the customer must also have been registered as a member of Wayrates by creating a Wayrates account. Third, it is no matter what items to buy. Those items should not always be from one category. The customer can buy a product from the tactical clothing category and active shirt category and get the free-shipping feature. Besides, the total price has included discounts available.

Free-shipping is not the only feature to enjoy from Wayrates. The platform comes with great promotions, including discounts in the events of Flash Sale, Hot Sale, and Clearance Sale. Besides, it is also possible for customers to get more discounts when buying more than one product.

To ease them in shopping and exploring the website of Wayrates, the platform has customer service. By contacting customer service, they can ask some questions when they find problems dealing with the platforms and items. The payment methods are various to accommodate customers coming from other countries.

“It is not easy nowadays to find an online store with qualified and original products. Yes, online stores are widely around but finding one that is trusted is not a simple thing. Thanks Wayrates, that I found it to buy various products I need. I love outdoor activities anyway, and all the necessities are available here. The process is easy, and the prices are friendly. It is great to go back to the store next time,” Mark Stone, a customer.

About Wayrates

Wayrates is an online platform that provides items for men, including clothes, footwear, headwear, outdoor gears, and many more. The products offered are guaranteed to be qualified and original. It provides various offers and promotions to satisfy customers more, including discounts, free shipping, and vouchers. The customer service is very helpful and friendly to avoid problems happening when shopping in Wayrates.


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