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Instancy Announces New Integration With Microsoft Teams

2021-10-22 02:25:43 Computer


Instancy Learning Platform enables education institutions and businesses to create, deliver and manage remote and blended learning for customers and employees

Instancy is launching a new “Instancy for MS Teams” application

2. With Instancy Learning Platform, clients can now deliver their learning resources ranging from eLearning courses, assessments, videos to learning paths through MS Team’s familiar interface

Instancy, one of the industry’s leaders in online learning platforms, is announcing the release of their newest software innovation, Instancy for MS Teams. Instancyfor MS Teams will allow clients to combine the power of Instancy’s Learning Experience Platform with Microsoft Teams’ user-friendly collaboration and communication tools.

The ways in which people across the globe learn and communicate have changed rapidly. Due to a host of factors, most notably the spread of the COVID-19 virus, there has been a sharp increase in the use of virtual collaboration software among businesses, schools, and many other clients where collaboration is vital. Instancy for MS Teams is a perfect fit to meet the needs of those clients.

With Instancy for MS Teams, clients can now access and utilize the tools and features offered by the Instancy learning management system (such as content catalogs, video library, assessments, surveys, and discussion forums, to name just a few) directly through the MS Teams interface. Learners can access the system through a single sign-on and access content through a familiar, user-friendly portal.

Learners can also collaborate easily with their peers and receive notifications about unfinished learning assignments, classroom event reminders (and more) directly within the chat interface. They can even earn points and badges for completing courses.

Instancy makes it easy for clients to configure and deploy the right learning platform for any needs, ranging from online universities, employee training to customer education. Here are just some of the things that can be accomplished using Instancy:

1. Design your learning community site using simple drag and drop tools, no coding
2. Create a mobile app tailored around your learners in just a couple of hours
3. Deliver and manage blended learning, assessments, and certifications
4. Create and reuse content with rapid and robust eLearning authoring tools and open standards

“Instancy for MS Teams brings together the best of team collaboration and eLearning in a single user interface and provides an ideal combination that enables learning, collaboration, communication in an integrated environment. For more information about how Instancy for MS Teams can help your team learn and communicate more efficiently,” said Instancy CEO and Founder, Harvey Singh. For more information, please visit the website, or MS Teams App URL Instancy.

About Instancy: Instancy is a powerful, flexible, and complete learning management system. Instancy is used by educational institutions, businesses, training services, and more to create integrated learning platforms for a wide variety of needs. Whether you’re just starting out with implementing an online learning system, or you’re looking to make your current online learning system even better, Instancy has the software and support you need to help achieve your goals. For more information about Instancy and the solutions they can provide, please visit their website at, send an email to or call their toll-free number at 1-877-548-3360 (or 1-919-263-2566 for clients outside of the US).

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