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The Unknown Origin of the CBD Trend

2020-10-21 08:19:25 Miscellaneous


Years ago, before CBD became a trend, before it was widespread in wellness centers and bars, and before it was included in skincare products, a group of scientists and healthcare researchers sat down at the dawn of the millennium to deliberate on CBD. Their main goal was to discuss the potential health benefits of CBD and other compounds in cannabis.

Several research studies followed after this, and the message was being relayed to the public fast. This is the reason as to why it all became trendy and acceptable to the people. This article takes you through the unknown birth of CBD trends.

A Brief History of CBD

In day-to-day life, the popularity of CBD can be observed by everyone. It always comes in many forms or products like vaping juices, skincare products, and the like. Interestingly, many individuals tend to think that CBD can only be used as an ingredient in another product.

However, according to history, it was used in many ways even without being processed further. For instance, it was used as a medicinal drug. Let’s dig deeper into the history of CBD.

● In China – According to written sources, CBD was first mentioned in the early 1250s. It was known to be a primary plant that was called "ma" by the Chinese. Individuals who could not afford garments made of silk could wear clothing made of hemp. CBD was also used in the making of paper and as a cooking ingredient for preparing rice or wheat. Additionally, the Chinese appreciated medical uses, such as relieving pain and inflammation.

● In the early 1800s – This part is surprising as it relates CBD to Queen Victoria. She was a powerful and intellectual queen in Europe. Even though she was strong, she was ordinary and had typical problems as well. Due to this, she was prescribed CBD to relieve her menstrual pain. Another important person to mention is William Brooke. He is known due to his large contribution to medical research. He discovered how CBD can be used in various medicinal ways. He has written many "CBD uses" articles, which have been consulted even up until the present for different purposes.

● The 1940s – From 1911, when CBD was banned, it was rediscovered by a great scientist known as Roger Adams in the 1940s. He was able to separate CBD from all other hemp compounds, and this was a great contribution to medical research. CBD tests took place later in consecutive years, and researchers came to realize the different effects it had on the body and the different diseases like epilepsy that it could treat.

You can look at the post here and discover more about the whole history of CBD, the first seeds, how it came to become a great medicine, and the like.

Why CBD Became a Trend
Here are some of the benefits that led to CBD becoming a popular trend.

Its ability to relieve pain – From as far back as 2900 BC, CBD has been administered as a pain reliever. Research in the past and present confirms that it can be used to decrease chronic pain and inflammation.

Reduces stress – Depression as well as anxiety are two health issues that can result in a lot of negative effects on the body. CBD was and is now the best treatment.


The whole story of the origin of CBD is endless. Thanks to this article, you have learned the ancient country that first used it, its ability to treat different health problems, how it was used as an ingredient in food, and some of the reasons why it became popular.


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