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Canadian puts up measures to ensure support for International Students

2020-10-22 04:21:11 Legal / Law


After the pandemic causing restrictions for people worldwide, IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has released a range of temporary measures in effect fir international students regarding work permits and post-graduation work permits.

Canadian immigration saw a big fall after travel restrictions were put up post pandemic. Those travel restrictions among other things limited the travel of international students in to the country.

Currently only three categories of international students are allowed into the Canadian territory;

? International students with work permit;
? International students with study permit approved before or on march 18 th ;
? International students coming from the United States.

Canadian government put up the temporary measures to ensure the international students can continue to enter Canada, as they contribute a lot to the economic life of the country.

These measures include 2 stage study permit process and ability to study online with time counting towards the post-graduation work permit.

Above information can be verified or read about in further detail on the official website of the government of the Canada.

Study permits

The outbreak has caused among many things, the difficulty to collect documents needed for the study permit.

IRCC put up a two-stage approval process as a solution that makes is possible for international students to begin their fall semester online without a final study permit.

People unable to provide biometric data, results of immigration medical exams, and other required documents may still be considered for the study permit.

IRCC also said that the study permits already submitted will be processed as quickly as possible. Students past both stages can come to Canada after the travel restrictions are eased.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

When a student completes an eligible graduation program from a Canadian institution, he or she may obtain a post-graduation work permit for up to three years.

Final duration of that permits relies on how long the individual has studied at a

Canadian institution for higher studies.

With the measures put in place, students now can study online from foreign countries until April 30, 2021, without affecting their eligibility or the duration of their future post-graduation permit. However, one must finish 50% of their educational program in Canada.

In addition to above, students enrolled in 8-12 months long programs that began in the spring, summer or fall semesters will be able to apply for a post-graduation work permit even if their complete entire program online from a foreign country.

And at the last, students enrolled in a program starting between May and September 2020, studying online until April 30 th 2021, and who graduated from more than one qualifying program of study may be able to combine their duration of programs while applying for a PGWP in the future.

Students already in Canada for winter, spring and summer terms will not lose their eligibility to obtain a PGWP if they are required to complete more then 50 percent of their program online, and reducing their studies to part time or taking a full time break due to restrictions imposed on in class learning because of the pandemic.

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