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edWisor announces a move to 100% live lectures during the pandemic and after

2020-08-09 03:54:24 Education


Gurugam, Haryana, India, June 2020: has recently announced a complete shift to 100% Live Classrooms from Recorded Curriculums. This move is the latest step in their commitment to empowering over 100 million professionals & students globally. As online learning becomes commonplace, the live lectures vs. recorded lectures debates are gaining traction. In such unprecedented times, EdWisor’s move to 100% LIVE online learning is successfully paving the way for a new paradigm.

edWisor creates batches of sizes varying between 1:1 and 1:50, totally based on the skill-knowledge levels of students who enroll. With LIVE classes, they are doubling down on their commitment to personalizing employability for each and every aspiring student.

About this new step towards personalized employability, edWisor Founder Ramandeep Arora said, “The Education and Ed-tech industry is rapidly changing. Everyone must adapt to prevailing global situations and student feedback to keep up.”

In our pursuit to personalize employability for each and every student, the LIVE class is a huge step as:

edWisor’s LIVE Batches have a completion rate of more than 85%

Almost 80% of the students engage once or more in a live session with a 1:10 mentor-faculty ratio.

edWisor’s student reviews have increased since the last year from 4.0 to 4.4 after launching live classes.

Live lectures also allow instant feedback for the instructor. After each live class, our mentors are reviewed which has helped and improved the quality of sessions. Course correction is instantaneous. This move to 100% LIVE online lectures are going to be immensely beneficial to learners, especially in a world severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learners will have easy access to industry leaders and instructors, from the safety and comfort of their homes.

About edWisor: Established in 2015, edWisor is a Job Readiness Platform with the goal of improving employability. With more than 10,000 students enrolled so far, edWisor has made a great impact by helping students to land their dream jobs. With a goal to upskill and empower 100 million professionals, edWisor is personalizing employability for the bright minds of our generation.

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