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Shock Wave Society of North America Announces New Digital Platform For US Doctors & Members

2021-05-16 12:15:58 Business


July 3, 2020, St. Paul, MN: The Shock Wave Society of North America, US Healthcare professionals and memberships ESWT association, has launched a new digital platform to enable HCP’s across the country an open-source forum to accelerate clinical integration of shockwave therapy devices for better patient access to advanced therapy solutions.

Ryan Hansmeyer, SWSNA President, said: “Earlier this year we announced we would be changing our digital and it’s exciting to now share our new platform. This is an opportunity for us to clearly explain who we are and how we support the physicians, allied health professionals and scientists to encourage dynamic growth in our local shockwave therapy industry. The new site is vibrant, intuitive, and modern. The exclusive members section offers a world-class experience, rich with open-source access to wave therapy news & successful EPAT- AWT business resources.”

The FDA has already approved the use of Extracorporeal shockwave therapy ESWT for treating Plantar Fasciitis, and continues to carry the transitional CMS policies supportive of more Shockwave Indications to participate in value-based care programs.

Ted Stawicki,SWSNA business Exec, commented, “We’ve been through a lot of change and progress in the past 3 years and the launch of the new website is the next step in our strategy. The application of ESWT machines in musculoskeletal indications such as proximal plantar fasciitis of the heel, lateral epicondylitis of the elbow, calcific or non-calcific tendonitis of the shoulder and patellar tendinopathy have been around for more than a decade. Originating from related lithotripsy technology for kidney stones, Acoustic Wave Therapy has recently been popularized as an alternative method of treating American men suffering from erectile dysfunction.”

The new website showcases the Shock Wave Society provider’s locations and highlights the most efficacious areas of growth in the ESWT industry, such as Regenerative Medicine, Anti-Aging and Health Fitness. “We’ve added new sections focusing on our advocacy and project work, reorganised our resources to make it easier for people to find policy, guidelines, and information, and refreshed the content about our upcoming digital seminars,” Pres. Ryan H.

SWSNA is represented through member-providers and allied Shockwave industry leaders utilizing any brand of Medtech; including:
Storz Medical
Fl?ent Products

The agency provides contracted practice education and management services to its membership based providers, including;
•Digital Branding
•FDA Registered device maintenance sites
•Group discounts on partnered marketing from OppGenetix and Networld Online.
•Open-source public access to industry news, international user protocols, and scientific advancements
•Finance companies
•On-Call Shockwave / acoustic wave staff near you

“#COVID19 has been a difficult time for America,” Clinical Training & Excellence Director Nathaniel Guibord remarked. “We’re humbled to be the US ambassadors of this novel medical technology and owe gratitude to our Global community of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy Societies, including the International Society of Medical Shock Wave Therapy (ISMST) and the British Shockwave Association (BSA).”

The formation of SWSNA in 2017 proceeded the self-evident lack of US Health Care Provider leadership in the emerging li-eswt marketplace. FDA (USA) first approved ESWT for the treatment of proximal plantar fasciitis in 2000 and lateral epicondylitis in 2002, but has repeatedly called for further US-based research to be published prior to approving some of the over 30 known soft tissue, pain, and sexual wellness indications used globally. To accelerate patient access to this revolutionary new treatment, the Shock Wave Society provides the opportunity of healthcare professionals to organize collaborations and pioneer the required research to further develop evidence-based scientific development for accredited publishing to the US medical community.

Ryan Hansmeyer
Shock Wave Society of North America
7550 France Ave S.
Edina, Mn 55435


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