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FDA Approved Multivitamin Brand Achieves 1st Place Out Of 1600 Products

2020-09-17 08:32:07 Health and Fitness


Nutrisearch published their guide comparing more than 1600 multivitamin products from USA, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia. The brand that achieved 1st place also manufactures an exceptional vitamin c supplement. The guide will help customers make a better choice prior to buying supplements.

Nutrisearch also published an Australia and New Zealand edition comparing 200 Multivitamin products which reveals the same company in the USA also achieves 1st place in Australia and New Zealand. Which also gives Australians access to a first-class vitamin c supplement.

Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is collagen forming nutrition, and the body needs this substance to rejuvenate the skin, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C is available naturally from various types of fruits such as oranges, strawberries, yuzu, chilies, potatoes, broccoli, and vegetables. Other benefits of vitamin C include reducing the risk of chronic disease, helping manage high blood pressure, lowering heart disease risk, reducing blood uric acid levels, and helping prevent gout attacks. Moreover, vitamin C also boosts immunity and prevents iron deficiency.

However, the body can also be deficient from vitamin C. This condition risk often occurs in people who consume alcoholic beverages, smokers, and drug users. Lack of vitamin C might cause anemia, bleeding gums, and the wound becomes difficult to heal. In such conditions, the body needs additional vitamin C intake, apart from food. Even though vitamin C has many proven advantages, it has not been shown to prevent the regular cold, protect against eye diseases, reduce cancer risk, or treat lead toxicity.

One of supplement comparison sites provides a guide of the top 5 multivitamin brands from 1600 products from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia. The complete brief can be seen at It ranked 200 multivitamin products and manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand alphabetically listed with a star rating of 5 stars. The website representative said, “I am sure this will help you make a far better choice when buying your multivitamin & vitamin C supplement.” He added this information comes from the prestigious Comparative Guide to Nutrition Supplements published by NutriSearch Corporation and written by Biochemist Lyle Mac William. Additionally, this guide illustrates the graphic comparison and ranking of each supplement product side by side with a star rating of 5 stars. Half stars being the lowest and 5 stars being the highest. And it allows you to choose products with a rating of half a star or 5 stars. Read more at

About Compareit.Net.Au

Compareit.Net.Au provides comprehensive information about multivitamins and supplements ratings. The website provides a Nutrisearch guide that compares 1600 products from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia. It also ranked the Top 5 Multivitamin Supplement Brands on its website. The top 5 supplement brands include USANA CellSentials® Pack, Thorne Basic Nutrients IV, Total Balance Unisex Premium, Ultra Mega Gold, Alive Multi-Vitamin. For more information, please visit the YouTube video at or visit

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