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The World’s plea UNITED WE SING TOGETHER by Maestro Erika Zoi

2020-07-10 08:28:27 Miscellaneous


Featuring Manuela Arcuri, Alessio Boni, Alessandra Canale, Francesco Apolloni, Sergio Arcuri, Gaetano Aronica, Maria Monsè, Alice Venditti

The power of the "collective will" understoond as prayer, mantra, invocation of many people united in one song, "THE WORLD’S PLEA" by Erika Zoi, composer and multifaceted artist.
Music is a universal language accessible to everyone; it doesn’t know territorial borders, age and religion.
This is why, in the time of the Coronavirus, the universal power of music was followed by a project, witness of the universal suffering. This musical piece represents the difficult historical moment that is being experienced all over the world; it makes the words written in it more current than ever. This is why it is now proposed and shared by many voices, united ... whilst distant!
The project is an example of energy and passion of the organizational group and of those who live music with love, harmony and life sharing.
The real power of "THE WORLD’S PLEA" is a chorus of voices that amplifies the moral value of the musical and spiritual union of many separate and different entities.
It was born and started from the idea of a seal of union that enjoys a unique message of community strength: to convey trust in a better world, together to all mankind!
The song is a pop song with a classic soul; some Latin choirs merge it into a historical and important musical essence. Erika Zoi, with her sensitive creativity, magically unites us as brothers to singing and listening to this supplication.
A sensitivity that arises from that archaic female part, able to strike its roots deep into the essential value of love, in the absolute meaning. She invites to share: all together we can cross the river of this life. In "The World’s plea", the Master Zoi asks forgiveness for this humanity that has made itself blind at all the surrounding wonders.
Together we can take a step towards the dawn of a new world and turn evil into good; we must bridge the distance of indifference, turn dreams into reality for a well-orchestrated future, like her work.
"THE WORLD’S PLEA" UNITED WE SING TOGETHER, will be released simultaneously all over the world on May 8, 2020, near Mother's Day, as a tribute to all the women in the world, addressing the Woman par excellence: Mary, symbol of redemption, innocent in what is evil.

The musical work is a clear prayer that goes beyond all beliefs, which highlights the discomforts of our society and of every living being on Earth, none excluded!
All the mothers in the world, women and men singing the song together, create that energy that, like a chain of union, embraces every person and purifies every continent from the one and only virus called "indifference". It wants to be a message to welcome in our hearts the rebirth of the greatest treasure: Love, because union and prayer are the most powerful form of universal energy.

"The little we are, if shared, becomes wealth!" - Pope Francesco
"A man can kill a flower, two flowers, three ... But he cannot hold spring" - Mahatma Gandhi
"You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will become responsible if you do nothing to change it" - Martin Luther King

Over one hundred participants in this project, from every continent, of all ages - from 5 to 97 years old - of different races and cultures, united by music, love, everyone from their own home, with only their mobile phone and desire to be there in this extraordinary event.
Manuela Arcuri, Alessio Boni, Alessandra Canale, Francesco Apolloni, Sergio Arcuri, Gaetano Aronica, Maria Monsè, Alice Venditti and all the people involved participated with intention, joy, enthusiasm and emotion, singing loudly: "Listen to this plea, listen to us".

Francesca Pes
tel. 3931263234


Erika Zoi - Composer, conductor, pianist

Erika Zoi, begins her musical studies at a young age at the S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome mentored by Maestro Fausto Di Cesare and sustains composition and orchestra conducting with Maestro Bruno Rigacci. Her music is played, interpreted and performed in important cultural institutions, Conservatories of Music, theatres and concert halls in Italy. In 2019 her concert for piano and orchestra "C'est la vie" was performed for the degree in the two-year specialization in piano at the Conservatory of Music in Cosenza. Her music for images is inserted in commercials and television and radio broadcasts.
The sacred pieces of her musical repertoire were performed in the most important Roman basilicas and in the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome.

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