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Ingenious e-Brain Launches Coronavirus Technology Research Assistance Program for Global Science Researchers

2020-07-10 07:16:16 Miscellaneous


COVID-19 continues to wallop us, affecting millions of individuals around the globe and eventually disrupting the world economy. The role of scientists has been shifted towards rapid diagnosis as well as to scout different approaches to neutralize this virus. Ingenious e-Brain has launched a Coronavirus Technology Research Assistance Program to combat the ongoing pandemic. This program aims to assist researchers and scientists in accelerating their development pertaining to therapeutics/diagnosis for COVID-19.

About Coronavirus Technology Research Assistance Program and Why Ingenious e-Brain?
Ingenious e-Brain has a team of professionals and analysts who have helped scientists and researchers in the past to enhance their development of a cure for various rare diseases by working closely with them. Further, our insightful research offers related information to the researchers and scientist community that can help them every roadblock.

During this time of the pandemic, we are committed to helping scientists get exhaustive and timely information about the previous research on COVID-19 or other similar viruses such that they can enhance their efforts to find the cure or prevention. Now it is crucial for the scientist and researcher communities to communities to utilize their skill and provide the treatment for the ongoing crisis.

Under this program, IEBS professionals are now ready to help several R&D companies and organizations in determining the potential of accessible information to recognize the gaps and scout valuable imminent in the industry. Our research solution can act as a trigger point and give the right direction to the research and healthcare communities to discover a cure for COVID-19 disease and other similar diseases.

At Ingenious, our R&D activities have the potential to alter the dynamics of innovation and its commercial outlook. We aim to exploit the enriched knowledge of our team in identifying such aspects across several industries and deliver valuable insights. Moreover, we believe that keeping track of technological modifications is the key to notify our clients concerning the probable shifts, or other disruption likely to come in the domain. Our capability to keep track of the past, existing, and future technologies helps in scoping the irregular changes taking place that eventually assists our client.

Our experts can offer precise direction to clients worldwide in gaining the information on vaccine discovery/detection pertaining to COVID-19 based on the IP/Scientific literature focused on In-silico/AI /Machine-learning/In-vitro analysis.

About Ingenious e-Brain
Ingenious e-Brain Solutions is a Gurgaon based Intellectual Property, Business, and Market research company. We believe in delivering lasting results that strengthen the client's trust and motivate them to view challenges as opportunities to thrive and provide them with the way towards a more robust economy. At Ingenious e-Brain, we are a group of analytics solutions provider experts who are trained to offer superior quality solutions to business across different verticals. Having an experience of more than 7 years in the field, we can provide customized solutions to various companies. We are an internationally recognized research and analytics solutions provider with a team of knowledgeable professionals from different technical domains. For us, success comes with the mark we make as a team- our clients, on industries, our communities, and each other.

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