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Simple Steps Towards Spirituality. New book Streamlines The Works of Rudolf Steiner

2022-05-23 03:10:11 Art & Entertainment


Cape Cod, MA, April 11, 2020 -- Are you drawn to your better angels? Overwhelmed by the language of the literature associated with spiritualism?

There is a new alternative. The newly released book, “THE GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN - Revisiting the Vision of Rudolf Steiner for the 21st Century: Our Participation in Earth's Evolution as the Planet of Love” is direct, concise and transformative. Cape Cod author Eliza Joslin Kendall walks you through the journey in her “Simply Steiner” series.

Steiner stated: The Gospel of St. John is not a book of instruction, but a force that can become active within our souls. Heralded and much respected, Rudolf Steiner was a brilliant late- 19th-century Austrian visionary whose astonishing spiritual perceptivity brought about the Waldorf Schools, architectural developments, biodynamic agriculture, and much more. But because the books and lectures based on his profoundly forward thinking were written down by others in German, and then translated into English, even dedicated Steinerians have often found his books difficult to understand.

Raised with Steiner’s ideas from a young age, Kendall is drawn to revealing his insights. “When I read Steiner,” she writes, “I just knew that I knew all that he was talking about, as if I had read it before. His writings resonated so deeply within me that I immediately felt called to take Steiner and his philosophy to the public in a way that can be taken in by the soul, not just the mind. I continue to feel that this is greatly needed. Especially in today’s world.”

Whatever your religious beliefs or background, Steiner’s Gospel of St. John via Eliza Joslin Kendall can help shift your perspective of yourself, the human community, and the planet.
Eliza Joslin Kendall is a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Medium.  She is also accredited in Energy Healing, as well as Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Eliza helps clients to overcome self-destructive routines and make positive life choices. 
An entrepreneur, wife, mother and grandmother, Kendall leverages her expansive human experience to help translate spiritualism into ways readers can take in and make practical use of.

For additional information about THE GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN - Revisiting the Vision of Rudolf Steiner for the 21st Century: Our Participation in Earth's Evolution as the Planet of Love visit

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