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Online Vapers’ Community Reveals Effective Ways of Removing Vape Smell From The House

2020-09-22 01:47:27 Miscellaneous


Vaping has gained enormous popularity in recent years. The first large-scale wave of this movement took place in 2006 after the device was introduced on the European and American markets. After that, the vape culture went through an incredible number of transformations. The devices were enriched in functions and design. Some types of modern vapes are so different from the first devices that it is difficult to imagine any connection between them.

It has been a long time since people have shown their love for vapes. Today, although devices still have an incredible number of fans, there is a general tendency to decline in popularity. Some people have just quit because of personal reasons. To a greater extent, this is due to a large amount of research into the harm they do to people and society. Do not underestimate all the possible health problems that a vaping device brings to human life.

Another hindrance to the human love for vapes is their pungent aroma. Agree that when you walk down the street, you would rather smell the vapor than cigarette smoke. It also became a problem for apartments and houses. People using vaping devices at home may not notice this immediately, but their family members always feel some discomfort. First, they become second-hand vapers, and secondly, it is impossible to get rid of that smell just by opening a window.

The questions on the agenda are the reasons for vapor to have pesky odors and the ways to get rid of them.

Vaping Odour Power

Firstly, it is important to understand how different the effects of vapor and smoke are. In fact, cigarette smoke is more corrosive than vapor. Most of the substances that you place in vape tanks ( ) can be strongly smelled only 10 or 15 minutes after vaping. Then it is harder to capture their flavor. Cigarette smoke can be felt for up to three hours. Of course, this data is for single-use, not permanent.

When it comes to smoking or vaping indoors for a long period of time, the advantage is that you will first experience the pleasant aroma of the flavor additive contained in the e-liquid. However, even a good ventilation system will not be able to keep the room from lingering odors. In addition, people with high sensitivity to smells will feel a lot of discomfort there.

It is important that space where you vape or smoke usually belongs not only to you but also to your family. The remaining odor automatically becomes an irritant for your parents or children. Moreover, room vaping makes it difficult to clean because oils poured into the best vape tank for flavor settle on the surface. They are the source of continuous unpleasant smell.

First Aid against Vaping Odour

In case you are the person, who is constantly vaping indoors and you need some tips to mitigate the effect of odor distribution, you can use any of the following tips.

1. The first thing to buy if you plan vaping at home is an air purifier. You have to look for the one of high quality so that it would strain particles of micron size out of the air. These small vapor particles tend to stick to all possible surfaces, but if they are being caught while you are vaping, the chances of smell get lower.

2. Moisture absorber works in a similar way. Basically, this is the device to prevent mildew. Moisture absorbers are widely used in wet climates or badly heated indoor space. Generally, they are used for bathrooms only. The main function of the device is to convert particles from air into water. Therefore, everything that was vaporized from your best vape tanks gets back to the liquid form.

3. The use of scented candles and essential oil burner is not prerogative of only romantic dinners. In case, you use any of the means above, the elements of, for example, the orange essential oil can cover the smell of vapor. However, this is rather masking the unpleasant odor than getting rid of it. The doubtless benefit of this tip is that you can choose the masking smell: be it citrus, fir, lavender or whatever else!

4. Rethink of the flavors that you put into your vape tanks. Scents of food have the property to stick to the surfaces more and stay there for a longer time. This is connected to the increased amount of propylene glycol or a vegetable glycerine in the composition of the liquid. Talking about e liquids, a mint one is considered as more or less neutral. However, from the whole range of substances, dry herbs are the least ‘aggressive’ (marijuana is not included).

A weapon against Pesky Odours

Becoming a victim of an unpleasant odor is easy enough - it is only necessary to try vaping at home. However, what to do to get rid of the bad smell? Unfortunately, this is not written in vaping tank reviews. The only effective method of dealing with unpleasant, persistent odor consists of two points. The first is to stop vaping indoors. The second is to conduct a general cleaning. Well, if the first can be accomplished simply by going out onto the balcony, then the second one requires some background knowledge.

1. The first step is to clean all the vape tanks and check if the bottles with e liquids are closed well.

2. Change all the possible cloth surfaces: wash the linen, towels, cushions, curtains, carpets. Anything that can absorb the smell has to be put into the washing machine with a maximum dose of rinser. Dealing with armchairs and sofas, it is better to use a steam mode in your vacuum cleaner. The steam gets deep inside the fabric and makes it fresher.

3. Everything that can be washed should be washed. Take a mop and clean the floor. Take a duster, make it wet and clean all the furniture, including sides and tops. Do the same with refrigerator, microwave, chandelier, and even your PC. If possible add special cleaning liquid, to leave some pleasant odor on the surfaces. The same should be done with washable wallpapers and tiles if there are any.

4. They also recommend replacing all the heating elements possible. For sure, you would not change the radiators, but the old light bulbs can be thrown away. The reason is that smell microparticles tend to coat the heated surface.

5. Bicarbonate of Soda, vinegar and Trisodium phosphate (TSP) are the substances recommended to be used while cleaning. Soda and vinegar are always available and filthy cheap. Soda is good for cleaning the surfaces resistant to scratches, and the vinegar can be used for the others. The other efficient tip is to make a piece of cloth wet with vinegar and wave it around the room. It will absorb the particles of vapor and will go away after airing the apartment.

Although the popularity of vaping is still widespread, people, who are aware of the possible harms, try to limit their interaction with vapor. In addition, some of those, who quitted wanting their place to be cozier and less connected to vaping. To reach their goal, these people need both to make a spring cleaning and use some smell masks.


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