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Cloud Analogy announces a webinar on Scrum Master and Product Owner Advantage

2021-11-23 09:15:18 Events / Trade Shows


Dover, DE (January 30, 2020): Cloud Analogy, a leading Salesforce development Companies, and Salesforce Consulting Partner, has announced its upcoming webinar on Scrum Master and Product Owner Advantage.

This interactive webinar will be held on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, at 8:30 PM IST/3:00 PM GMT, and will be presented by Malika Pathak, the Chief Operating Officer of Cloud Analogy, and Somya Tyagi, the Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Analogy.

Professional Scrum Masters at Cloud Analogy will describe the Scrum Framework in-depth and will share invaluable insights on how to create a leadership culture where self-organizing teams can thrive using Scrum. This webinar will cover all benefits, challenges of Scrum, and the purpose of Scrum, and key case study examples.

In this insightful and engaging webinar, attendees would be able to explore:

How to increase your leadership effectiveness, irrespective of your role?
How to eliminate collaboration problems faced by ScrumMasters, CSPOs, and Scrum Teams through focused, outcome-driven solutions?
How can Scrum Masters make a true difference beyond the simple process mechanics of Scrum?
How can a truly skilled Scrum Master improve productivity for your entire team?

Malika Pathak, the COO of Cloud Analogy, remarked: "The key takeaway for webinar attendees is how can Scrum Masters shape a truly positive work environment and be the catalysts for organizational change."

Topic: Scrum Master and Product Owner Advantage
When: Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Time: 8:30 PM IST/3:00 PM GMT
Speakers: Malika Pathak, the COO of Cloud Analogy, and Somya Tyagi, the Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Analogy.
Register: Visit the Cloud Analogy Webinar Registration Page to register for the webinar.

About Malika Pathak
Malika is a decisive leader adept at building core "A" teams, realizing growth and managing change. Malika has expertise in critical organizational activities, including but not limited to digitization, change management, industrialized innovation, re-skill, strategy buildup, and seamless delivery of client products and solutions across multiple and sophisticated platforms to drive strategy, growth, and innovation.

About Somya Tyagi
Somya Tyagi is a Scrum Master of repute who has successfully delivered hundreds of CRM projects in the last few years. Somya is a Scrum Product Owner and Salesforce Consultant at Cloud Analogy. Full of energy, she is a very detailed oriented person with excellent follow-through. Somya is always open to assist other teams in understanding various project requirements so that collaboration can happen in the best possible ways in an environment conducive for the business.

About Cloud Analogy
Cloud Analogy is the world’s preferred Salesforce Development Company that specializes in Salesforce implementation consulting, Salesforce customization consulting, and Salesforce customization. As one of the leading Salesforce Consultancy Companies in the USA, we offer end-to-end Salesforce development services to transform businesses.

Regarded as the most successful and trusted Salesforce development company in the USA and globally, Cloud Analogy is the name small, medium, and big-sized enterprises across the world trust to manage their partners, products, services, customers, and capabilities.

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